Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Am I Being a Hypochondriac?

The past two weeks I have felt there is something not right with my body. I have told my normal doctor and the doctor I saw today (the one doing the c-section) they seem to think that I am fine and just worrying over nothing I however don't think I am fine. At least on Friday I will be having baby and I won't have to worry to much about pre-eclampsia anymore.

Here are the signs of pre-eclampsia
1. High Blood Pressure (134/87 today)
2. Increase in protein of urine (said it looked fine but in reading about it, Dr. Google says that to get accurate protein you need a 24 hr. urine sample)
3. Changes in vision (I have massive floaters, it appears like gnats are flying around a light-very weird)
4. Severe headaches (check, they make me want to cry!)
5. Unusual bruising (I have bruised dots on my arms-have no clue what they are from)

I found that normal blood pressure for a pregnant woman is 120/80-I normally run 120/60 on most of my visits. Hypertension is usually 140/90 so I am right on that brink of hitting that point so I am really worried about it. Well in 2 days 17 hours I will have a baby boy in my arms and I pray that he is a healthy little guy.

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