Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The End of 2008 Comes to A Close

So much has happened in 2008, life changing experiences that usually don't happen all at once much less in the same year so here is to 2008 coming to an end and hopefully an even better year coming!

  • My baby girl turned the magical one this year
  • Moved out of the ghetto into a house that we now OWN!
  • Started school to become a nurse
  • M started school to become a NP
  • Found out we were pregnant with SM
  • Rescued a kitty that had a fractured skull

I know it may not be a lot to some people but it is a lot to me. Here is to you 2008!

Resolutions, as I am a little hesitant to actually jot down my resolutions as then I might actually have to admit that I didn't do them next year or then will actually have to do them but either way I am still going to jot them down just to torture myself next year.

  • Like to get down to a nice weight after baby born (150-160 lbs.)
  • Attempt to breast feed SM for at least 6 mo. like I did with MS
  • Become a more active mom and take the kids to the park/walks/activities
  • Get involved in a play group (this is iffy-I am a little frightened by this one)
  • Maintain my 3.5 GPA
  • Get my car paid off
I don't think those are too bad, I think the one that will be the hardest the weight loss & GPA because I will really have to work at those and I am a little intimidated by the fact I will have two babies and still manage to get my school work done or anything resembling exercise. I guess we will have to see next year!

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