Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dr. Update (35W6D) & Other Things

Saw Dr. PWH today, she said I am still dilated the same (2 cm.) so that is a good thing. I presented her with my list of concerns and this is what she did...

1. I told her that all I want is ice and no "real" food and I think my iron is low. She in turn prescribed me iron supplements and ran a CBC which I will get the results of before my next appointment (Dec. 18th @ 9:40am).

2. Told her about severe leg cramps-she wants to see my CBC before doing anything about that

3. Suspected yeast infection, which is no fun and I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy-prescribed Diflucan.

I am glad I got all my complaints taken care of besides the usual backaches, can't get comfortable, constantly full feeling, and general contractions that for the record I DID NOT complain about to her because I know all of this is normal and definitely worth it once SM is here.

His heartrate was 144 today and my blood pressure was 124/76 so everything is looking great. Three weeks and one day I will have a baby boy in my arms if I don't go into labor before that point. A part of me wants to go into labor the day I hit 37 weeks (considered full-term) but a part of me is also okay with waiting to 39 weeks and getting the c-section.

I am just scared out of my gourd on how MS is going to react and if she is going to be okay through this. I want her to remain my mostly sweet little girl that has no insecurities and loves her mommy and daddy. I have told her there is a baby in mommy's belly and she will kiss and hug my belly and say baby SM but I don't think she has grasped that a real baby is in there and he will be coming home soon and she won't get as much one-on-one attention that she is used to. I will try my hardest to spend time with just her but I know its going to be demanding as I plan to breastfeed and that takes up a lot of time in itself without all the care a newborn requires.

The strange dreams have hit me full force now, you have to love hormones! I was dreaming that someone came to the door, I have reason to believe it was someone I know but still unsure. She was asking to see MS (for some reason I know it was a Monday, don't ask how I know this!?) and I told her MS was taking a nap and she could come back on Friday. The girl then said "oh you can't be disturbed until Friday? In a very nasty tone and then I heard a zoom and crash and woke up sitting straight out of bed. I couldn't shake this weird feeling, it sent chills down my spine and my subconscious told me to check the doors and pray. I did this as my brain told me to, everything was okay and I did pray for my family to be safe. It is weird because it wasn't what I would consider a bad dream but I just felt very unsafe and needing comfort... I don't know what that was all about but I am just going to attribute it to hormones!


frogbfound said...

haha just tell me it wasn't me :P

Shawnee said...

No it most definitely wasn't you, I think it was actually the neighbors daughter lol