Friday, July 27, 2007

Closet Sale!

I have been pretty busy the past couple days cleaning. I guess I decided it was time to clean out closets. We have only been here 3 months but we have already accumlated JUNK. So I had a mini closet sale, posting things on the net, people picked them up that day and gave me money woohoo! MS is getting huge-I can't believe she is already 4 months old. Time flies by so quick.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


We went up to Kansas City this past weekend, met M's friends from high school, I am still teasing him about getting old even though he really isn't that old, but thats okay! Got to see my froggy-friend but it wasn't long enough and that really sucked. Found a dog last night so I am busy located its owner-real sweet puppy :)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Blue Angels In Town

We saw the air show today the Blue Angels were in town and that was a lot of fun. It was extremely hot out but thats okay, it was well worth it watching those birds soar straight into the sky, do loops, corkscrews and dive straight for you!

I dunno whats going on!

This is miss MS bathing in the sun (we went swimming for the first time)

MS is doing great that would be why I really haven't been blogging lately-I have just been playing with her a lot. I love being a parent, I wish there were more hours in the day to spend with her.

M's high school reunion is next weekend so we are going up to big city to attend that, so that will be fun (hopefully!). We are kinda having some problems now and I really just want to strangle him and tell him WAKE UP AND LOOK AROUND!!!!! Oh well thats another post for another day!

Monday, July 02, 2007

What a wild and crazy week and half. I really haven't even had time to sit down it seems like. I am always doing something or someone is needing something. I wish I could say "no" why can't I tell people now, I should have learned my lesson by now by always being the nice person and saying yeah I can do that or sure if you need that. Why can't I just be the grumpy-cranky person that nobody even asks anything of and shudder when they even think to ask me. Will I change? Probably not because I do enjoy helping others but it really is starting to impede into MY time! I will say that my new neighbors have found out pretty quickly that (a) I usually have food stocked for when THEY need something (b) I am a great babysitter (c) my husband can fix computers/phone lines/cable lines/electric wiring and more (d) we will always take you where you need to go since you don't have a vehicle (e) we will answer our phone when its 1am because you happen to think having a "crisis" is something we care to hear about.... Wow! Just reading that makes me feel somewhat bitchy and relieved... Now if I could only say that to earwax neighbor, drunk neighbor, crazy neighbor and Mr. boom boom neighbor... Today I got a note on my door from Mr. Boom Boom saying he would like to borrow the following movies-do you not have the courteous to knock on the door and ask? There wasn't even a please or thanks in advance, it was a simple demand and now I am mad about it but of course I probably won't be blunt about it because I don't want to make the neighbors mad even thought I am blunt to everyone else around me, what is it with these people that I can't be blunt or just say no? I now babysit everyday-she is a good kid though but some days I just want time to sit will my dear baby WHO IS 13 POUNDS is sleeping. Oh well I guess I can't complain too much because I am not doing anything to fix it as of right now.

I miss my froggy-friend :) I can't wait to see her on the 20Th! I miss my in-laws I haven't seen mommy-dearest in law since May and daddy-dearest in law since the end of May. So I am excited to see everyone and meet M's friends that he had in high school (it is his 10 year reunion)

M still likes his job-I like it because it finally has set hours... I guess I sorta have a job babysitting 5 days a week it isn't too bad, poor kid gets bored at my house though because I have nothing to entertain her with :(