Sunday, January 30, 2011

5'6 115 lbs (Healthy BMI)

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This is healthy? She is a stick! Not that I have anything wrong with sticks, I just don't want to be a stick haha

5'6 150 lbs

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Okay so apparently this woman (from is the picture of a healthy person that is 5'6... go figure

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This is someone who is 5'6 190 lbs this is NOT Obese!!!!!

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(See previous rant about my weight and finding out it was in the obese weight range)
This is average, not obese! Who the hell makes these stupid BMI charts?

My trunk is full of junk!

Okay... so this is it: honesty time. I weigh (dun dun dun) 192 pounds and I am 56 1/2". My bmi is 31.1 (IN THE OBESE RANGE?!?!) First: I lie about my height all the time, I say I am 5'8 its even on my ,drivers license, the only people that know my lie is the doctor, only because they measure me... Second: I lie about my weight I always say 160, its on my license too :) Okay so I was a little shocked with my BMI and being obese I mean really? I have a little pudge, I can still see my toes, I don't have three chins and I wear a size 12 (womens) So how the heck can I be obese? A little over weight yes, obese no?! At 180 I would be in the Overweight range and 150 would be healthy (that is the max of healthy) so realistically I would have to lose 42 pounds HOLY CRAP! Thats a lot, the last time I was 150 I was 16 (?) I was itty bitty. I don't want to be a stick, I want curves! I don't want to look like a starved Ethopian woman... So I gotta lose weight. I want to lose weight, I want to be healthy so I gotta get my act together. I have to start working my BIG butt out! I am getting exhausted just thinking about all the work I am going to have to do. I guess thats what got me in this mess in the first place. I want that weight loss pill I think its called phenermine or something like that, then I wouldn't have to work my butt off. My neighbor and her friend took it and they lost tons of pounds... Hmm maybe I should look into that option, but I would probably just gain it all back and then be all pissed off. My doctor would probably laugh at me anyway asking for such crazy medicines. I still can't believe I am obese, when I think of obese I think of someone that is large, can't fit in a seat etc. Not me, I look just a little pudgy. Ugh so there is my truth its out there, no turning back now its time to kick my butt in gear. I will report back next week on all the crazy stuff I am doing to shed 42 lbs. Honestly I am just looking forward to the shopping spree :)

Ruined Wedding Photos&|&Email Junk - StumbleUpon

Ruined Wedding Photos&|&Email Junk - StumbleUpon

prAna blog & Handbook for Life&8230; 2010 - StumbleUpon

prAna blog & Handbook for Life&8230; 2010 - StumbleUpon


Mature people truths - StumbleUpon

I couldn't agree more with this.. I sympathize with most of these statements lol

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kitten riding turtle - StumbleUpon

Kitten riding turtle - StumbleUpon

Google Cr-48 Chrome OS notebook review - SlashGear

Google Cr-48 Chrome OS notebook review - SlashGear

My husband was one of the lucky ones to recieve a Cr-48 notebook from Google as part of the pilot program. I couldn't agree more with this review;


Did anyone make new years resolutions this year? I'm guilty, I did it again. Made the resolutions that will probably never happen. So what are we doing setting ourselves up for failure at the beginning of a New Year that we always says its going to be a better year?! So... we should make a resolution to make no resolutions so that we can't disappoint ourselves! Are you following me?

So, to 2011 (I know its almost 30 days late) may it be a better year and make our resolution to not many any!