Saturday, December 23, 2006

23 Weeks

Went to doctor, everything looking great! Found out I have to do my glucose test next month, I am not looking forward to that. I have heard so many bad things about how disgusting it is and how crappy you feel afterwards.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Achy Back

Friday, November 24, 2006

Sonogram Pictures

19 Weeks

Got a sonogram on Tuesday, we know the sex!

Everything is going really good, they said the baby is two days ahead of the schedule, but they then said that is perfectly normal. The baby is really active, likes to kick a lot which is the weirdest feeling in the world. We are getting ready to go see my parents, haven't seen them in 3 1/2 months. So that is going to be exciting! I am debating if I should tell you if the baby is a boy or girl. But I guess I should be nice. But I know a lot of people have been wondering so if you want to know its at the bottom of this post.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Big Belly, Still can't eat Chinese Food, Non-Shedding Hair, Oily Skin, & Achy Back

The baby is.... Drum Roll Please........................
A Girl

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

16 & 17 Weeks

Tomorrow I am 17 weeks along. We went to the OB today, everything is looking good! It took her ten minutes to find the babies heart beat. Which scared the living beegeebees out of me!

Then they had to take my blood to check for neural tube defects (Alpha Beta Protein Test)... 40 minutes later and lots of pokes and bruises later they still weren't able to get any blood, so I have to go back on Thur. to try again. Oh well at least they admitted their defeat and realized maybe I should come back.

On the 21st we get to find out if the baby is a boy or girl! M and I are very excited about this!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

15 Weeks... Oh My!

Its been a busy two weeks. We haven't really had too much time to really sit down and relax much. Have had some visitors, been going out with friends, and we have a halloween party this Saturday which is going be to lots of fun. My tummy is getting a little bit bigger, its really weird looking down at my stomach and seeing thats its round and getting hard. My next ob appt. is in November 7th I can't wait... They will probably just treat me like a pin cushion to satisfy their morbid needs of taking my blood away from me. According to my pregnancy calendar I am 104 days pregnant, it doesn't seem that long. In five more weeks I will already be 1/2 way through my pregnancy, it seems to be just flying by.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Sore Boobs, Back Hurting, & Leg Cramps
Atleast I don't have morning sickness anymore!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

13 Weeks

Sorry I have been really busy and forgot to post on my 12 week mark. I'm sorry family and friend who keep calling to see if I have updated it. Instead of calling me why don't you just look for yourself?? Just a suggestion!

Today was my second doctor appointment with Dr. Skinny. Everything is looking good. I am going to start calling the phlembotomist Miss. Vampire as it seems like she took too much blood, where does it all come from? My next appointment is November 7th (I think I get a sonogram then) Dr. Skinny was really busy today and rushed in and out leaving me with questions. Is this a sign that maybe I should go to another doctor?

We have finally decided on a name for a girl and a name for a boy. M said we won't have to worry about a boy name because HE KNOWS its a girl. I just slowly nod and say yes honey. He is after all a cutie and you can't resist laughing when he says this. Its one of those got to be there moments.

I have already gotten some baby things, I know its early but I am a very prepared person and would go out of my mind if I hadn't had these things. So as of right now I have boxes piled in my living room that eventually need to be taken out and put together. I will wait till M gets home to do this because its more amusing watching him put things together. Just imagine I am sitting in the middle of the floor with the instructions and he is sitting there piecing parts together saying he doesn't need any help until about twenty minutes later when he really does need the help... Just another point that reading directions first always saves time.

Its weird to say that I am in my 2nd trimester now. It has gone by so fast that its crazy. Its almost leaving my head spinning. I still remember the day I first found out I was pregnant and rushed to M's work to tell him.

New symptoms of being pregnant: leg cramps. Yes, these really really suck but I have to suck it up and be a big girl.

Monday, October 02, 2006

11 Weeks & Counting

In the last week nothing too much has changed. I have discovered though that little baby hates I repeat hates Chinese food and demands it be forced out of my stomach immediately after eating the yummy food.

M is starting to get more excited, ever since he saw the first sonogram he has become more protective of me its really kind of cute.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

10 Weeks

It seems like my stomach is already growing. Its weird how pregnancy effects your personality, emotions, and your physcial appearance. Its really quite a lot to take in all at once. I know have 30 more weeks to go. We told M's parents today they are really happy, this will be the first grandchild on his side of the family. I am starting to get over the morning sickness which is fine by me! I am really rather tired of running to the toilet all day (the person that first called it morning sickness should be shot its all-day sickness people). My next doctor appointment is October 11th. I have been on a KFC kick, not exactly a craving because I could live without it if I had to.

M said my face is starting to change. When asked what he meant he said its getting skinner. Skinner I ask? Yeah. Then he made the deadly mistake, I think its getting skinner because the baby is sucking any and all fat from your body to make your belly. Oh boy he is in trouble now!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Chapter Closing

**This is a back dated post from my written journal**

Today is the closing on my life as just a married woman. I found out I am pregnant today. Wow, I am pregnant.... I keep re-reading that line. I didn't think it would happen this fast but it was meant to be. I am now going to be starting a new chapter of Married & Pregnant. Its crazy how fast these chapters have been starting and closing so quickly. But its meant to be and God won't give me anything I can't handle.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

This morning I wake up to loud sirens and drums playing. I rush out of bed and put my shoes on because I had just realized I forgot that the parade was today. Fortunately I was able to pour myself some caffeine and relax on the porch to watch the parade (our street is on the parade route) we were out there for two hours so that should tell you the parade was pretty big! This was my favorite picture, I just have a fascination with wagons, I know I am weird.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

This post was deleted due to privacy issues
9 Week Pregnancy
I didn't realize I was that big already until I am sitting here looking at this picture. Lets start head to toe with what is different with me now.

Head: Well my hair is now more greasy then it used to be and I am no longer "shedding hair" its getting thicker and I am not sure if I truly like thick hair even though I have always wished for thicker hair! My face has become more oily which I hate, I have always had the no pimple skin (I know some people hate me right now for saying that)
Chest: Well this is a no-brainer and I am not sure if I should even mention it, but yes my boobs are getting bigger and I used to wish I had bigger boobs but now I just want my little boobies backkkkkkkk!
Stomach: Well its getting bigger, can't ya tell?
Hips: Umm... yeah I think this is where most of the weight has went, I have turned into Mrs. Thunderthighs
Feet & Toes: Nothing unusual has happened to them and I hope to keep it that way!

9 weeks

First Doctor Appt 9 Weeks 1 Day

This morning I went to the doctor, M joined me. They first took me into the room to do a sonogram, I will post those as soon as M gets back home because he has to hook up the printer... Anyways, as soon as they get to where the baby is the baby is just moving around like no other, its really pretty amusing. Its like our little baby is a dancing machine haha! M gave the baby the name, little gummy bear hahah! Today the baby measure 24 mm which M says is about an inch long (I am horrible at math so I have no choice but to believe him). That is just totally amazing to me that you can see something that small.

Then we talked to the dr. her name will now be Dr. Iamtooskinny, she is really nice! She asked me if I had any questions which I didn't since I have been reading up the wazoo! She warned me about toxioplasmosis yes I know not to change the litter box, who said I did that even before I got pregnant? (Another not, after years of being a vet tech according to Dr. Google I am immune to it but I am not going to take the chance)

Anyways I will post the pictures sometime tonight for everyone to see! M is getting more excited now that he "can see there really is something in there" I thought that was really cute. Oh yeah and the babies heartrate is 172 which they said is really good, so yeah anyways, more later! I will post sonogram pictures for you.

Also one more thing my due date has been changed to April 18th right now... Okay yeah I think I am done for now haha!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

8 Weeks & Counting

**This post is post is back-dated, I didn't actually tell anyone I was pregnant until 10 weeks and I am doing this because I want to get all my feelings down from my paper journal that the online world doesn't see**
I wanted to post this picture before I forgot so I can look back and see how big I have gotten over the months. I am still trying to convince myself that yes I am pregnant and no this isn't some fantastic dream. I read that in these 8 weeks the baby already has eyelids, arm buds, and leg buds. Its amazing how fast they grow! My first OB/GYN appointment is tomorrow, I am pretty excited about it. I just really want to hear his/her heartbeat so I know that yes there really is something inside me growing!
M and I have started to discuss baby names I know its early but hey, we are going to be first time parents and we have a lot of quiet time with each other so of course things come up! We can't decide on a girl name whatsoever so watch we will probably have a little girl and she will have no name because M can make fun of every single name that I like. Yes, he is very creative and it irks me because I really like these names but he doesn't want him/her to be made fun up at school. He just keeps saying well kids are mean and if an adult can think of ways to make fun of a name just think what a kid can do. Okay, so maybe he does have a point.
M and I have also begun discussing what sex we think the baby is. I really really think its a boy, now that I have put that down the baby will probably be a girl so I can make a fool out of myself by saying I know my body... Well we will see eventually how "in tune" my body is to these things haha. M thinks the baby is a girl. When asked why he says he doesn't know he just thinks its a girl. Men I will never understand their reasonings... But for today I will go with it.
I know I am only 8 weeks pregnant but two of things MIGHT be going on (a) I am going crazy or (b) I am already gaining weight and my belly is already starting to show a little bit
**Update** I found out its (B) that yes I am starting to gain some weight and get a belly. I have gained 2 lbs. 3 oz. to be exact.**

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Most people don't know this but I am a baseball fanatic! I live and breath baseball when it is baseball season. I have also been a bat girl for a team for eight years now... Yes I know I am out-growing this but I really don't care. Every year is the NBC and I have attended now since I was about eight years old. This was alway Daddy & Me time. This year though it has started to grow into a family event. My dad, brother, me, and M attended. My team went three rounds that I bat-girl for (well I have a lot more jobs then that laundry, managing, getting people from point A to B, scouting etc.) It was truly a fun week and I was just able to relax, enjoy the sun and the great games. So many people I saw couldn't believe I was married now, I practically grew up in this Lawrence Dumont Stadium so it was a real shocker for some people that hadn't seen me in a while. M isn't really into baseball but he tried his best and said he would like to go back next year woohoo I am recruiting him into a baseball fanatic, I just have to take baby steps with him and I am sure in a couple years he will live and breath baseball to when its baseball season.
I was disappointed that my team didn't do that well. Oh well there is always next year. They have been coming to this tournament for twenty years now so they don't plan on leaving anytime soon! GO STARS!
Oh and the picture on the left that is Laces he is the NBC mascot and I know him personally but I can't reveal his name he is just Laces. But he made that costume all by himself in a couple weeks isn't that awesome?

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Our honeymoon was fantastic! We were in very big city Kansas in a gorgeous hotel full of shops and lots of exciting things to see. We had a balcony and it was Memorial Day Weekend, bands were playing and fireworks. It was really cool to be sitting on the balcony seventeen floors up and just listening to the orchestra as the fireworks went off. It was truly romantic. We went up for dinner at a place that is 50 floors up and the restaurant rotates that was really cool to see the sights of downtown and enjoy a relaxing dinner. Very very neat. Thanks M's parents for giving us a great honeymoon!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Took the Plunge

Its official! Mr. & Mrs. Mismatch. I can't believe we have come this far. It seems like only yesterday that I fell madly in love with you and have begun to love you more and more everyday. It seems like yesterday when I would cry because I had to go back to small town Kansas for the week and couldn't wait for the next week to come and see you again. It seems like yesterday when we first told each other we loved each other. Wow, it just seems like yesterday...

The wedding went fantastic! It was fairly warm outside (90 F) but was breezy so that really helped. My dad walked me down the aisle and I almost started to cry. I am a big daddy's girl and earlier about 45 minutes before the wedding my dad hadn't turned up. I later found out he didn't want to come until the wedding because his little girl was all grown up now and he didn't want to cry. The justice of the peace was a little irritating but thats okay, he just spoke very slow. I just kept looking into M's eyes wondering what he was thinking as he had "just gotten dust in his eye" (YEAH RIGHT). I tried my hardest not to cry and I didn't, even though I was very tempted to. It was a very emotional day for M and I both. It was truly amazing and I don't think it could have gone any better. With the lake to our backs and the sun setting and be pronounced husband and wife it was like we were the only two there suspended in time looking into each others eyes. I will remember this forever. Now we are off on our honeymoon!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Holy Moly!

I am already closing another chapter in my life. Tomorrow I will be a married woman, no longer a fiance'. I am scared to death about what the future holds for my life. I still haven't come to realize that I will be Mrs. Mismatch tomorrow. In front of all of our family and friends I am going to commit myself to M and it scares me to death. I am not scared because I know this is a lifelong commitment, I am not scared to be with him forever. I am scared because its something I have no control over. I have no control over my feelings for M which are so strong that it scares me. I have no control over M's feelings which he says are very deep and he proves that to me everyday in his actions towards me. How was I so lucky to ever meet someone like him? We are exact opposites with few things in common but some how it works fantastically. We know we can live with each other so that is not something I am concerned about. I am just scared of the future because I can not see into it.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

My friend frogbfound threw me a Bridal Shower. It was really neat to see how much of my family traveled three hours just to be there. That really made me feel important that day. Even though we did have a few shall we say "incidents" everything went pretty good. I got a lot of really cool stuff that I wanted and some things that I hadn't requested (see picture) but hey even those unrequested items were pretty cool! Thanks everyone

For the "incident" this would include a lady I was friends with for a while. L was supposed to be in my wedding and was invited to the bridal shower. We had a falling out a couple weeks beforehand. Unfortunately should decided she could not handle this like an adult and decided to show up to to my Bridal Shower. I handled it pretty good, she pretended like she was returning a blanket I let her borrow for her son. I opened the door and she yelled bitch and threw the blanket. I was appalled and extremely embarrased all I could muster saying was Thank You. Why or why did you just say thank you? Really I could have came up with a better come back then that but Thank you? Oh well it was probably a good thing because had she said anything else my lack of judgement might have kicked in and I would say things that shouldn't be said in front of family, friends, and acquaintances from the church. After my company had left L had her sister-in-law call me and attempt to degrade me and this is where my lack of better judgement came in and I began to yell and scream absurdities to no end and hung up. But L's SIL was presistent and kept calling to which my good judgement came in and I just called the police. Charges have been filed for phone harrasment and these parties have been spoken with. I could never have a good time without just a little added drama now could I? Thus is life.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

It's MY Birthday!

Its My Birthday!

Today I have been on this earth for eighteen years. Looking back a lot of things have happened in my short little life. I was born to a seventeen year old that had other responsibilities. The people I call mom & dad where there from day 1 (the used to be my grandparents). They legally adopted me once I was four years old. I moved to a small town in Kansas and grew up there knowing everyone and them knowing me. I made a lot of stupid decisions in my teenage years and paid a lot on consequences but now I am on the right track. Just in the past year I have grown up a lot and I thank God everyday for molding me into the person I am today.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

These are me and M's babies. Trouble & Gizmo... Trouble is my cat that I raised from a wee litte kitty. Gizzy as she is affectionately known as is M's cat that he raised since she was three weeks old. Our cats have total opposite personalities much like M & I. Trouble is the very playful, cuddly cat like M and Gizzy is the one that has the more leave me the hell alone unless I come to you attitude much like me. (The reason I am posting this is I am trying to delay my wedding preparation duties of calling the caterer back!)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My Engagement Ring... Again
Sorry I am just so excited about having my ring. I still can't believe I have gotten this far in my life. It seems like just yesterday when I started talking to M online, talking to him on the phone, finally meeting him, moving here, and now I am engaged to this great man. Yes, I am still in shock. We have discussed wedding dates and decided on May 27th. Which isn't very long away so I will be very busy making lots of plans, first on my list starting rounding the family together!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding Dress Fittings
Today M's mom and I went out to find a wedding dress for me. Especially since the wedding is only in two months! I think I was slightly crazy for deciding to get married in May knowing I only had a couple months to plan everything. But I am getting it together (I think!) I picked this dress because it has everything I want in wedding dress and it was fairly inexpensive for a wedding dress (yes, I am bargain shopper). This dress has everything I want button down and tie down, a-line, long, and nice train. I am starting to feel like a Queen. Be prepared M to spoil me like the Queen I am! Anyways M's mom thought that this dress was a great pick as well. I hate that my family is three hours away but M's family has been doing a great job of accepting me and helping me do what I need to do. I can truly call them family.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Engagement Ring
Here is my engagement ring. M proposed to me last month but we hadn't decided on a ring until now. I guess this makes it "official" and now the chapter of my life of "starting a new life" is over and now I am an "engaged woman." Everything has seemed to happen to fast I am caught in a whirlwind and it doesn't seem to slow down. I am so in love I don't think I could possibly love anyone as much as I could love M.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Life As I Know It Is Changing...

This morning my life changed dramatically. This morning when I woke up I awoke to a very awake M (which is very abnormal)! I rolled over and turned to him asking him what he was doing. His reply "watching you sleep so peacefully, your always a gorgeous angel when you are asleep." Which I thought was really sweet! Then he said "people always say if you can see how beautiful your significant other is when they are awake and you love how beautiful they are when their mascara is smeared, makeup wearing off, and hair standing up that you could definately marry them." At this point a million thoughts were going through my head, I asked myself if he was going to ask me to marry him and I thought no he wouldn't do that while we were laying in bed and dismissed it and thought it was just a conversation we were going to have. Then he said "S I love you so much and I think you are the most gorgeous when you just wake up with your glassy eyes and crazy hair. I could wake up to you for the rest of my life and be happy. Will you marry me?" Of course I immediately started to cry and say yes over and over again... So now the chapter in my life of Starting a new life has closed and I am starting a new chapter in my book... I am now a Level 2 commited person: an engaged one.

Friday, February 10, 2006

It's Official, I am Movin' On Out

Well, today is the day that I move out of my secure and cozy home that I have lived in since I was five years old. Its going to be weird living in a big city! I am 99.9% sure that I can handle living with M. I am sure there are going to be lots of interesting times with him after all he hasn't lived with anyone for six years and I have always had my parents so I could be a little bit more lazy then I can be now. Poor M he is going to have to experience my "cooking" and learning how to cook better and all my OCD rituals. I hope he can handle it, I have told him about these things and every weekend he has gotten to witness these events but he hasn't lived with it, so this could get very interesting. Well, its time for me to put my big girl panties on and walk the road less traveled by my family (which is move out and stay out of mommy's & daddy's), I am scared of failure and determined not to.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Happy 27th Birthday M!

Twenty seven years ago M was brought into this world. Of course I didn't know him then and I wish I did from the stories his mom has told me. He was the the little boy on Rugrats, Tommy that literally had a screwdriver in his diaper and carried a hammer around. At five months of age he learned how to take his crib apart and get out of it. At nine months he was walking and was a crazy boy on wheels. I listen to this stories that his mother tells me and they are absolutely hilarious. I am very happy to know this man and spend my life with him. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Beginning of the Mismatch Family

I did what I never thought I would do. I begun to move out of my parents house. As I made my trip to big city Kansas (a 2 1/2 hour drive) I reminisced about all my memories I have had with my parents by my side, there sure have been a lot of good times and bad times at my home. Now its time for me to move on to my new house and make it my home. One memory that sticks so vividly in my head right now is when I was packing up all my decorations of my room into a box and my mom just standing there... crying. It hurt so bad to pack up everything that I had accumulated over the years but I knew it was the right thing to do. It was time for me to begin my own life, begin my own family, and experience life. So here is to new beginnings!