Thursday, December 04, 2008

34W6D and Dilated--WARNING this is a complaint post

If you have read any of my blog archives you will know my pregnancy with MS was not the best yet totally worth it. Now this pregnancy is beginning to resemble MS's and its been a struggle the past week or so because it is hard being on bed rest with a twenty month old who let me add is a bundle of energy. M is driving me nuts as its like pulling teeth to get him to pick up the house even though he is taking great care of MS. I never realized how much I actually did around the house everyday until I have gotten the privilege of cleaning everyday taken away. Yes I am complaining because I have to look at my house in total chaos. At least the house got vacuumed and the laundry is done but as for the dishes and the scrubbing of bathrooms well lets just say its not getting done! I saw the doctor on Monday and she checked me. I am effaced and two centimeters dilated at 34 weeks. This truly scares the crap out of me as 34 weeks is still pretty early and he needs time for his precious lungs to get stronger. I know survival rate is decent but I don't want decent I want excellent. I also remember when MS was in the NICU and the nurses would refer to the little boys that were Caucasian as puny little white boys because they always seems to do this worst. So having my sweet precious little boy in the catergory scarys the living daylights out of me. I am taking it day by day but the contractions and not being able to do anything is driving me mad but it will be worth it when he comes, hopefully later than sooner. They went ahead and scheduled the c-section for January 2nd, just in case he decides to stick around in the ol' uterus instead of being so impatient to get out. I hate to tell him its cold out here, not a tropical 98.6 degrees. Oh well, you can't tell kids nothing-they never listen as I am learning with my daughter!

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