Thursday, August 03, 2006

Most people don't know this but I am a baseball fanatic! I live and breath baseball when it is baseball season. I have also been a bat girl for a team for eight years now... Yes I know I am out-growing this but I really don't care. Every year is the NBC and I have attended now since I was about eight years old. This was alway Daddy & Me time. This year though it has started to grow into a family event. My dad, brother, me, and M attended. My team went three rounds that I bat-girl for (well I have a lot more jobs then that laundry, managing, getting people from point A to B, scouting etc.) It was truly a fun week and I was just able to relax, enjoy the sun and the great games. So many people I saw couldn't believe I was married now, I practically grew up in this Lawrence Dumont Stadium so it was a real shocker for some people that hadn't seen me in a while. M isn't really into baseball but he tried his best and said he would like to go back next year woohoo I am recruiting him into a baseball fanatic, I just have to take baby steps with him and I am sure in a couple years he will live and breath baseball to when its baseball season.
I was disappointed that my team didn't do that well. Oh well there is always next year. They have been coming to this tournament for twenty years now so they don't plan on leaving anytime soon! GO STARS!
Oh and the picture on the left that is Laces he is the NBC mascot and I know him personally but I can't reveal his name he is just Laces. But he made that costume all by himself in a couple weeks isn't that awesome?