Friday, December 12, 2008


Right now M and I are going to college, to better ourselves. I wish I would have went straight to college right out of high school. Oh well, things happen for a reason and we are both correcting it now. Right now M is only working on the weekends at the club right now and going to school. Right now the economy stinks as most of you know and without much experience on paper and only driving experience it has been hard for him to find another job that also works with his school. I know we have to sacrifice right now for the better good of our family in the long run but it is depressing some days. Today we had to go up to SRS as they have been providing assistance to us. This is what we were told. He wants me to get on a work experience program once I have MS while I am also doing twelve hours of school. The WEP is going to be scheduled for 20 hours a week which is fine but they want M to 40 hour work week, plus 20 hr. WEP, and attend to school. Are they serious? They said our schooling can't be counted as WEP because its not a vocational school but a college and its not training for a trade like welding etc. While some people want to be welders and they are definitely people that are needed it is not something me and the hubby want to do. I feel so doomed right now that we will never make it through school because if we don't stop school we will be living in a box and eating out of trash cans... Any advice?

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