Monday, January 29, 2007

29 weeks

I have 78 days more to go till I am due (not that I am counting or anything) haven't really done much in the past week.

Been sick with some respiratory thing. So i have been sleeping A LOT! I am tired of winter and ready for summer. I am bored being pregnant and just want to see her gorgeous face. I still have so much to do but I know I can get it done. M's mom is planning the baby shower for me, which is going to be awesome (she always out does herself, she is an awesome MIL... really i think of her as a second mom not really an in-law) anyways i think i am done with the weekly update. My next dr. appt is tomorrow, not really sure what they are going to do this time :( prolly try to poke me a gazillion times haha, as long as i don't have to drink the sugar drink again i think everything will be okay :) pretty soon i will be having my next sonogram YAY! I am soooo excited for that... i keep trying to picture what she is going to look like and i have dreams, maybe i am right I dunno. I think she is going to have blonde hair and green eyes and be the worlds most beautiful baby in the whole wide world (of course i am going to think that haha) okay enough of my ramblings I am off to explore the world (or some version of that)

Pregnancy Symptoms: Contractions (ALREADY), Achy Back, Fat Feet

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Twins in womb, getting annoyed with each other... I thought it was cute!

Friday, January 19, 2007

26-28 Weeks

28 Weeks: Haven't been doing too much lately... Been extremely tired, just wanting MS to come, I guess I am starting to get bored with being pregnant...

27 Weeks: Had my glucose test, that wasn't too much fun being as I couldn't eat until the test was done. The contractions I have been having are fairly normal as long as they don't last for more than an hour and less than 10 min. apart consistently... I am supposed to drink 1 liter of water and take a Tylenol within an hour from the onset of contractions.

26 Weeks: She is just beating me up all the time, she loves kicking my bladder. M and her have a game, he pushes on my belly and she kicks back and they will do this for about an hour... Me on the other hand I am just getting beat up on both sides when they do this

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Happy 28th Birthday M!

Well I have not personally celebrated two birthdays with you. I will still always make fun of you for being nine years older than me and that is just the way its going to be. I hope you are having a good birthday! At least you got your birthday off of work! I can't wait to spend more birthdays with you. Just think last year you had a girlfriend on your birthday, this year you have a wife on your birthday, and next you will have a wife & daughter on your birthday... How much better can life get? Happy Birthday Sweetheart!