Thursday, March 16, 2006

These are me and M's babies. Trouble & Gizmo... Trouble is my cat that I raised from a wee litte kitty. Gizzy as she is affectionately known as is M's cat that he raised since she was three weeks old. Our cats have total opposite personalities much like M & I. Trouble is the very playful, cuddly cat like M and Gizzy is the one that has the more leave me the hell alone unless I come to you attitude much like me. (The reason I am posting this is I am trying to delay my wedding preparation duties of calling the caterer back!)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My Engagement Ring... Again
Sorry I am just so excited about having my ring. I still can't believe I have gotten this far in my life. It seems like just yesterday when I started talking to M online, talking to him on the phone, finally meeting him, moving here, and now I am engaged to this great man. Yes, I am still in shock. We have discussed wedding dates and decided on May 27th. Which isn't very long away so I will be very busy making lots of plans, first on my list starting rounding the family together!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding Dress Fittings
Today M's mom and I went out to find a wedding dress for me. Especially since the wedding is only in two months! I think I was slightly crazy for deciding to get married in May knowing I only had a couple months to plan everything. But I am getting it together (I think!) I picked this dress because it has everything I want in wedding dress and it was fairly inexpensive for a wedding dress (yes, I am bargain shopper). This dress has everything I want button down and tie down, a-line, long, and nice train. I am starting to feel like a Queen. Be prepared M to spoil me like the Queen I am! Anyways M's mom thought that this dress was a great pick as well. I hate that my family is three hours away but M's family has been doing a great job of accepting me and helping me do what I need to do. I can truly call them family.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Engagement Ring
Here is my engagement ring. M proposed to me last month but we hadn't decided on a ring until now. I guess this makes it "official" and now the chapter of my life of "starting a new life" is over and now I am an "engaged woman." Everything has seemed to happen to fast I am caught in a whirlwind and it doesn't seem to slow down. I am so in love I don't think I could possibly love anyone as much as I could love M.