Saturday, December 13, 2008

Out Of A Name

So, today I have successfully accomplished nothing... That is right nothing. I guess that is one thing that I am good at as planning what I am going to do, even writing a "to do" list and then it never gets done when I want it to. Today, I would really like to change that but M is snoozing like a bum and I am attempting to get MS down for a nap in her OWN bed which is quite the challenge. So, we will see how far I actually get today-hopefully farther than what I am thinking I will get done.

MS went to bed by herself last night without too much fighting and comforting. That was a relief because I wasn't sure I could emotionally handle another night without breaking down and committing myself for feeling like a horrible mom. Realistically I know I am not horrible but I feel like it when your precious little baby is screaming out for you because she doesn't want to sleep in her own bed. Yesterday's nap was a met with a little more resistance than bedtime, I think its starting to sink in that we are not going to give in as much as I would like to! She ended up only sleeping for about thirty minutes and was then a very hyper little girl due to lack of sleep afterwards. Normally she takes about a 1 1/2 hour nap but that was not the case yesterday. Right now she is laying down in her own bed, with the door cracked open. As of right now she has been in there ten minutes with no crying/fussing and I am hoping that she will drift off into sleepy land and be there for a little while. I am hoping everything doesn't get unraveled tonight as she will be at my parents house and she always sleeps in the guest room with my mom even though I have asked her many times not to because I don't want her thinking she needs someone there to go to sleep especially with a new baby arriving, it is so frustrating. Any suggestions on how to approach this subject? I have already tried the blunt-she may scream but for the sanity of everyone in the long run you need to let her sleep by herself, but she will go in there and sleep with her ARGH!

Our car is doomed, it hung out with one too many sick cars. It all started last Friday night when M was taking MS to my parents so that they could watch her for a while. It was had snowed and it was pretty icy outside. On the way back home M went to stop at a stop sign and the ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) kicked in and sent him into a curb, hitting fairly hard. We took it to the mechanic yesterday because the steering wheel was not straight, the tires were not straight and you could not go over 45mph in the vehicle. So mechanic says its the struts, both bent which he says he has never seen both of them bent. It will cost 140.00 in labor and 75.00 for the parts because they could get used struts. Okay, thats fine lets do it! They call later after they have ripped the car apart and said it also needs a steering knuckle which they can also get used for 40.00. No problem if that is what fixes everything. Well, we went to go get the car and the mechanic says that the ABS light was on and he fixed it... I said the ABS light was not on when we brought it in but he said he "fixed" it so I was not too worried. Well as we pull out of the parking lot they shut their lights off and out the door they went as well. We have now found out that the ABS light that was not on when we brought it is now turning on if you go over 12mph also when you turn now it sounds like there is cats up in the engine and they are screeching. The car never made those sounds until he messed with it. There is no way to get a hold of them as they are convientently not open during the weekend... Monday they will hear from a very grumpy hormonal female that will expect them to fix what they messed up for free because it was not like that beforehand.

Also, last night I was attempting-keyword attempting to get dressed in normal clothes so that I could take M to work. So far I have gained 15 lbs but my stomach is a lot bigger than it was with MS even though I gained 23 lbs with her. First go on jeans-that isn't going to work as they will no longer fit around my protruding belly. Maternity jeans well that was a nice idea to but I was small with MS and have "small" maternity clothes. So I find some black comfy pants with a tie waist and throw those one. Next comes a shirt... well anything cute that would go with said black pants is refusing to cover my belly-yes even my maternity shirts. So, at this point I was ready to cry feeling like a whale. I sit on the toilet with a bra on and my black pants. I am holding my head in my hands and M walks in. Asks what I was doing and I said in my lovely whining voice "I don't have any clothes that fit!" "My stomach is HUGE!" He then says well that is what happens when you get pregnant and starts laughing. Gee, thanks dear I appreciate your support of not telling me how big I am and that I look gorgeous... I was ready to deck him but didn't. I could just buy new clothes but in three weeks I will be having SM and there is really no point in my opinion so until then I guess I will just be wearing slob clothes-I don't care, its not like I have to be anywhere special.

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