Saturday, April 29, 2006

My friend frogbfound threw me a Bridal Shower. It was really neat to see how much of my family traveled three hours just to be there. That really made me feel important that day. Even though we did have a few shall we say "incidents" everything went pretty good. I got a lot of really cool stuff that I wanted and some things that I hadn't requested (see picture) but hey even those unrequested items were pretty cool! Thanks everyone

For the "incident" this would include a lady I was friends with for a while. L was supposed to be in my wedding and was invited to the bridal shower. We had a falling out a couple weeks beforehand. Unfortunately should decided she could not handle this like an adult and decided to show up to to my Bridal Shower. I handled it pretty good, she pretended like she was returning a blanket I let her borrow for her son. I opened the door and she yelled bitch and threw the blanket. I was appalled and extremely embarrased all I could muster saying was Thank You. Why or why did you just say thank you? Really I could have came up with a better come back then that but Thank you? Oh well it was probably a good thing because had she said anything else my lack of judgement might have kicked in and I would say things that shouldn't be said in front of family, friends, and acquaintances from the church. After my company had left L had her sister-in-law call me and attempt to degrade me and this is where my lack of better judgement came in and I began to yell and scream absurdities to no end and hung up. But L's SIL was presistent and kept calling to which my good judgement came in and I just called the police. Charges have been filed for phone harrasment and these parties have been spoken with. I could never have a good time without just a little added drama now could I? Thus is life.

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