Tuesday, September 12, 2006

8 Weeks & Counting

**This post is post is back-dated, I didn't actually tell anyone I was pregnant until 10 weeks and I am doing this because I want to get all my feelings down from my paper journal that the online world doesn't see**
I wanted to post this picture before I forgot so I can look back and see how big I have gotten over the months. I am still trying to convince myself that yes I am pregnant and no this isn't some fantastic dream. I read that in these 8 weeks the baby already has eyelids, arm buds, and leg buds. Its amazing how fast they grow! My first OB/GYN appointment is tomorrow, I am pretty excited about it. I just really want to hear his/her heartbeat so I know that yes there really is something inside me growing!
M and I have started to discuss baby names I know its early but hey, we are going to be first time parents and we have a lot of quiet time with each other so of course things come up! We can't decide on a girl name whatsoever so watch we will probably have a little girl and she will have no name because M can make fun of every single name that I like. Yes, he is very creative and it irks me because I really like these names but he doesn't want him/her to be made fun up at school. He just keeps saying well kids are mean and if an adult can think of ways to make fun of a name just think what a kid can do. Okay, so maybe he does have a point.
M and I have also begun discussing what sex we think the baby is. I really really think its a boy, now that I have put that down the baby will probably be a girl so I can make a fool out of myself by saying I know my body... Well we will see eventually how "in tune" my body is to these things haha. M thinks the baby is a girl. When asked why he says he doesn't know he just thinks its a girl. Men I will never understand their reasonings... But for today I will go with it.
I know I am only 8 weeks pregnant but two of things MIGHT be going on (a) I am going crazy or (b) I am already gaining weight and my belly is already starting to show a little bit
**Update** I found out its (B) that yes I am starting to gain some weight and get a belly. I have gained 2 lbs. 3 oz. to be exact.**

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Julie said...

It's funny to go back and read these now that you are 32 weeks pregnant. Look how far you've come and how fast. I remember first checking this when you were 10 weeks and you were talking about how you were already getting a belly. Look at the belly you have now and your baby girl is going to be here within weeks.