Friday, November 24, 2006

19 Weeks

Got a sonogram on Tuesday, we know the sex!

Everything is going really good, they said the baby is two days ahead of the schedule, but they then said that is perfectly normal. The baby is really active, likes to kick a lot which is the weirdest feeling in the world. We are getting ready to go see my parents, haven't seen them in 3 1/2 months. So that is going to be exciting! I am debating if I should tell you if the baby is a boy or girl. But I guess I should be nice. But I know a lot of people have been wondering so if you want to know its at the bottom of this post.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Big Belly, Still can't eat Chinese Food, Non-Shedding Hair, Oily Skin, & Achy Back

The baby is.... Drum Roll Please........................
A Girl

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Britty said...

Aww you're having a little girl. :) You picked out a beautiful name for her. Have fun in Wichita, and hope you had a good thanksgiving. :)