Wednesday, September 13, 2006

9 Week Pregnancy
I didn't realize I was that big already until I am sitting here looking at this picture. Lets start head to toe with what is different with me now.

Head: Well my hair is now more greasy then it used to be and I am no longer "shedding hair" its getting thicker and I am not sure if I truly like thick hair even though I have always wished for thicker hair! My face has become more oily which I hate, I have always had the no pimple skin (I know some people hate me right now for saying that)
Chest: Well this is a no-brainer and I am not sure if I should even mention it, but yes my boobs are getting bigger and I used to wish I had bigger boobs but now I just want my little boobies backkkkkkkk!
Stomach: Well its getting bigger, can't ya tell?
Hips: Umm... yeah I think this is where most of the weight has went, I have turned into Mrs. Thunderthighs
Feet & Toes: Nothing unusual has happened to them and I hope to keep it that way!

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