Monday, April 30, 2007

The Evil Pacifier

This is the pacifier... It is EVIIIILL! MS unfortunately loves the stupid thing. So its time to outweigh the pros and cons

-It is said that a pacifier can decrease SIDS by 20 %
- it will soothe her when she is crying and sometimes get me and extra 30 min-hour sleep (which is a big pro)
- Since she is a preemie-they say it helps them gain weight faster (only a handful of reports published about this topic, so not too sure if its correct or not)
- She really seems to enjoy sucking on the evil thing

-at night if she loses it she screams until it is back in place-this happens about 10 times a night and it REALLY STINKS
-25% more likely to have chronic ear infections
-can cause dental problems (in children over 2 years old-which SHE WILL BE WEANED FROM IT BY THEN)

All in all the pros outweigh the cons its just less stressful for her to have it but more stressful for me. I just wish she would get tired of the pacifier and decide its no fun to suck on anymore... This is the ramblings of an over tired mommy haha!

In other news.
M's brother and sister-in-law are here in town so we have been enjoying visiting with them. They are really fun to hang out with and they seem to really like MS (its really cute).


julie said...

I know what you mean about the binky. Kids used to run around with them at daycare when I worked there. It was a comfort thing and it was annoying that they wouldn't sleep without it and some of them would fight you when you tried to take it so that they could eat. I was planning on letting my baby have one for a few months. I was going to take it when he's 9 months old, cuz I've heard thats the easiest time to wean them of that kind of stuff.

Britty said...

Timmy was madly in love with his binky...and then about 2-3 months ago I tried to give it to him and he looked at me like I was totally insane and threw it in my face. LOL he hasn't taken it since...oh and just thought I would tell you first...he took his first steps today! I'm so excited for him. :)

JenEss said...

You forgot another CON: You can't see the baby's lovely little mouth with that ugly thing sticking in there! :)
I say help her lose it as soon as possible.......Signed: An Essperienced Mommy