Monday, April 09, 2007

Am I Lying To Myself?

-I think she is getting bigger! She is starting to fit into newborn clothes and too small for preemie clothes.

-I will be extremely happy to see those preemie clothes being packed up, there aren't many cute clothes for preemies... hint hint designing people out there you could make some money in designing cute preemie clothes!

-Things are starting to get better besides the whole feeding schedule, which is now moving to every 3 1/2 hours instead of every 3 hours, we are getting some where people, slowly but surely!

-I actually cleaned my house yesterday, some how I ACTUALLY found time to clean, holy moly! Yes, I am very proud of that thank you very much!

-I have found the spot where I can get my me time... When MS is fussy and I really need to check out of mommy-hood for a while I will tell M I have to go to the bathroom and go poop, yes I know I am a liar but I am honestly okay with that because for 10 minutes I am in my quiet place and nobody bothers me. By revealing this I may have just blown that though....

-MS has discovered that she really likes me holding her when she goes to sleep, which I am okay with... I hope she always stays as cuddly as she is now but I doubt that will happen.

-She is holding her head up really well! YAY!

-She is smiling and now its been confirmed that its not just gas, she actually smiles when you tickle her or when she sees me or M. My little girl is already growing up and I don't think I am adjusting well to that yet. Even though sleeping through the night wouldn't be too bad in my opinion but its all worth it.

-Wow, I must be in a good mood today! I have been up most the night and I have a smile on my face! Thats pretty shocking, guess this is a sign that its going to be a great day (crosses fingers).


Britty said...

Hey thanks for the comment.
He is starting to feel a bit better from the medicine.
Don't worry about going to the bathroom to have your ne time. I do it too. My ob told me too. She sauid if I didn't I would drive myself crazy. Haha Congrats on getting the house clean I know what an accomplishment that can be. Talk to you later.

julie said...

Glad to hear things are getting better. Now that Josh and I have a reliable car we will have to see about planning a time for a visit. Let me know when a good time is for you. Any weekend is good for us, pretty much. Just give me a call and we will figure things out.