Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dark & Rainy & Funny Stuff

The weather sure is affecting me today. I am in just one of "those" moods. I am sick of my house being torn up (due to moving) and I can't wait to just move so I have some order back in my life again. Right now my routine is total chaos and I am not liking it one bit!

Last night MS went to grandpa & grandma's so that we can pack some more (again trying to restore some balance in my house). They thought it was pretty cute that while lying on her tummy she can support herself on her hands and look directly at you. (Really, its kinda creepy that she is that strong, I really wasn't expecting her to be this strong so soon!

I can't wait to move into our nice 3 bedroom/2 bath house WITH A tornado shelter (a must in a part of Kansas known for getting bombed with tornados). I am so excited to get their and decorate (yes, i know i am nuts)! Or maybe i am just really excited because I will be getting out of this place that is called an "apartment" which is far from it! I would prefer to call it a dwelling that is falling apart as the landlord stands idly by because she isn't that smart and tries to fix everything herself.

Saturday M's brother and sister-in-law are coming into town. I am really excited to see them. Haven't seen them since our wedding (which has been a while). K (his sister-in-law) said she really wants to babysit well more power to her hahah. She might decide she never wants kids after this (in MS's defense she really isn't too bad, pretty well-natured but thats besides the point hah).

So, I guess I should title this post something different since most of my news is positive but I think I will keep it since after all its dark & rainy outside and I might just get blown away in a tornado today!!!


Britty said...

I'm excited for you to get to that new house! Haha T2 was doing all that stuff to when he was MS's age and now he can lift our fairly heavy coffee table with his legs..it is pretty weird but his father is like the incredible hulk...but I won't get into that here..glad you get to see your brother and sister and law and don't worry you will have your order back soon enough.

julie said...

Moving is exciting but it sure is a pain in the butt while you are in the process.