Thursday, April 26, 2007

Brick Walls & Dead Ends... Does it get better?

Well we are scheduled to move on the 3rd lets keep in mind people that it less than a week away LESS THAN A WEEK!!!!

Last month we almost locked into a rent-to-own 3 bedroom/2 bath, island stove all out gorgeous place. The guy we shall call him Mr. Icandoanything said that we would qualify no problem even after we told him about or not the greatest credit due to lovely student loans and a ex-wife. Again he says no problem they (lenders) won't care.

We begin to pack or what I thought tiny apartment until I begun to sort through things, but hey we are moving to a better place so its worth it RIGHT?

Well, the next day he calls and said well we had a little bit of a hitch and the lenders want you to have a co-signer. Well, I told him to call my father and talk to him about the details. Well that didn't work out. So now we are packed with no place to go.

We get on the phone and team up with my parents to find a place. So now we find a trailer for rent. Sounded really nice, my parents both loved and said they were sure we would to. Well okay lets pursue this. We told the lady about our credit she said it was fine we told them that my hubby had a felony (don't worry he didn't kill, assault, or rape anyone! It was more like the stupid state pursued a case even though the charges were dropped and it was a non-person level 10 (lowest) felong) anyways she said it wouldn't be a problem to get in. Well we get a call back the next day (keep in mind a $35 application fee) and said it was their policy to not let anyone with a felony live in the trailer park. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? We even explained the felony and that it was four years old to you and you said it would be okay! Now, its time to pull my hair out!

My mom said maybe it would be easier to get into a house and buy it. She talks to a realtor down their. The realtor emails me 6 different houses (keep in my mind my mom has explained everything) she says that Prudential can work with us and get us into something. I call the lady to tell her which houses I narrowed it down to so my mom can go look at them tomorrow (now today). I again re-iterate or credit and she says "oh well i didn't realize it was that bad" LADY I JUST TOLD YOU BEFORE WHAT OUR CREDIT SCORE WAS, WHATS SO HARD TO REALIZE???? So, she calls Wells Fargo and now they are trying to work with us (rolls eyes), he knows our credit score and he response was "well I can do things most people can't" well I am glad your confident in yourself but I definately not that confident in mr. egotistical!

We also called a place for rent (2bedroom/2bath) the man told me that he would think about the cats and get back to us. I call back later and the house has been rented out.

Is this our sign to NOT move? I know we have to move though because we live in a 1 bedroom apartment and we definately need more room their is no doubt about it. With small town M would be making more money and cost of living is cheaper than it is big town. Finacially this makes sense for us and I am getting really worried now that the 3rd is getting so close!


Julie said...

Well, that's a bummer but I am sure that you will find something. Things will work out in the end. But since you have a baby now, I think your best choice would be to move into a bigger place.

Britty said...

Aww that sucks.
You'll find something. It may just be a bit smaller then you want.

Midlife Midwife said...

My thoughts are with you. Good luck on finding that wonderful home to raise your family in.