Friday, April 27, 2007

Pull My Hair Out & Call My Britney Spears

Is this what I will be living in soon????

Today has been a very long day! I am sick of looking for places! The mortgage company that could finance a house offered a pretty crappy deal. They will cover 70% and we have to come down with 30%. Lets just put this into perspective a $50,000 house would be 15,000 down and a 50,000 dollar house is a rare find in the first place. So now house ownership is out of the question for the moment. We have two more places to pursue so hopefully we can get into one of them. We pushed back the move to Friday morning which is the last day that we can move. I am crossing my fingers and hoping that one of these come through because I really don't want to live with my parents. Living with my parents would be very stressful on everyone involved. As my wise husband says "your parents really like me now, I don't want it to be different."

On the MS front. She has been a little cranky butt today! She doesn't want daddy today. She wants to be held by mommy and screams if she isn't. I really hope she isn't getting sick because she normally isn't like this at all. She has a diaper rash from the Luv's diapers that we just tried so its back to Pampers, so much for trying to buy cheaper diapers! I feel so sorry for her little butt, she only wore them for a day but her butt is so raw (poor baby). She is rolling over all the time and its really scary, I can't put her someone and her stay in one spot. So now she is being placed in a bouncer/swing/or floor when I go to do other things because I am scared that she is going to fall off the bed or couch. I heard that you aren't supposed to put them in a bassinet after they start rolling but everything else is packed up so she will have to stay in that for a week longer (hopefully we have our own place in a week).
I just want this whole move to be over with so that I can get back into my routine again and have a house that is not full of boxes. It is going to be weird having M go back to work and I will have her all by myself. I am really not looking forward to that because I have relayed on him a lot (maybe too much) and I am scared that I can't do this all by myself!


julie said...

I don't think you have anything to worry about when M goes back to work. Things might be a little hectic at first but you know how to take care of your baby, the two of you will just have to get on a regular schedule together and things will work out.

Britty said...

God that sounds frustrating. I'm sure you will get into one of the other places though. And You and MS will be fine when M goes back to work. I actually found it easier to just do it myself. I love T's help but T2 wouldn't nap or eat when T was around cause he just wanted to play with daddy. You'll be fine I promise. :)I posted an update on T2's ears.