Thursday, May 03, 2007

An Open Window

We finally found a place close to small town kansas! We are approved and we move on Tuesday! My overall mood has drastically improved after hearing the good news. No more worrying about where we are going to live. Most of the house is packed (still looks like a tornado went through it though.)

M and I went with the family up to Kansas City, Missouri which is where we went for our honeymoon (our 1 year anniversary is the 27th of this month). It was really neat going back there after all most a year. It really brought back good memories. We took the same pictures we did last year but this time add in the little munchkin (will update this post with those pictures once i upload them). We went up to Skies (revolving restaurant above the 40th floor mark) which was a lot of fun even though it was foggy & rainy. We went through Crown Center and visited the indoor waterfall. It was a blast and I hope on our 2nd anniversary we are able to go back up there, even if its just for the day.

MS has been a very cranky little girl lately and I am at a loss of what to for her. I really think she has been having bad gas and the mylicon drops don't seem to work... Any advice?


julie said...

well more than likely she's fussy because of something that you are eating, like spicy foods or brocoli, cabbage, ect... watch what you eat and see if it makes a diffrence. I am going to e-mail you a number for this woman in Wichita that works for La Leche League of Kansas- my mom gave me the name and she said this woman will be able to tell you just about anything you need to know and she will have some very good advice for you.

Anonymous said...

S... MS feels your agitation and frustration over trying to find a house. MS's little world is topsy-turvy right now. After all your house now is the only place she had ever called home. Settle down and she will too. Babies feel every emotion that we feel, the more she fusses, the more frustrated you feel. I do not believe it is GAS!! If it is, here is a little something that worked for other babies. Try it and see. When you are holding MS, hold her up close against your belly, her belly and stand up and rock her like that. It has to be belly to belly. The calmness from the rocking motion is soothing, plus she is close enough to squeeze that gas right on out of there. Trust me, countless hours doing this, yep, it works. Keep me posted. But really I think it is just the move. Did her fussiness start when you started packing?


Britty said...

Sorry I haven't been on in awhile..Timmy is just running me ragged and I was sick too. Still am but I figured I would drop in and let you know I'm still alive. Lol. Congratulations on the house I am really happy for you guys. I will be on more in the next couple days.