Saturday, April 07, 2007

My Cat is Bigger than Your Cat!

-I have become to realize my whole life revolves around the munchkin whether I like it or not
-My nipples are very sore
-I hate pumping and I hate the stupid nipple shield, why won't she take my naked boob!!!?
-My cat is still bigger than she is and he is only 7lbs.
-I am a zombie, I am still not used to no sleep, I am still not believing anyone who tells me it will get better because then I will get my hopes up and it will never happen
-I love the little munchkin but she loves puking on me more
-Can you devoice a baby? Yeah thats what I thought, damn the luck
-Went to see the peditrician today and she is 4 lbs. 14 oz. now


Drew said...

Hey Shawnee
I too have used the nipple shield, it fools Megan for only 5 minutes, then she worked it out and pushed it away! At least she is onto your boob!!!!!!! :)
Your munchkin is so adorable - that is such a cute picture! Megan kept me up last night with her constant waking up, I think I only slept for two hours!

:) We can be sleepless together!!!!

PS. Oh I have been vomited, peed, and crapped on so far. :)

Julie said...

My mom breast fed all three of her kids and she said it really does get better. I'm not sure about using a nipple shield I have never heard of that. lol Anyways, as far as sleeping goes I know that gets better. It will just be a few months. I know that seems like a long time but she will be getting bigger and sleeping thru the night before you know it.

Britty said...

I know about the whole thrush thing. The infection has already cleared up but I took him to the doctor today and now he has an ear infection. :(

And don't worry sooner or later you will get to sleep I promise. Haha I'm glad everything other than sleeping and the boob seem to be going well. Keep me posted. And don't forget you can call me anytime.