Wednesday, April 11, 2007

All Around Good Week

Things have started to settle down here now, which I am psyched about! MS sleeps through the night, we have to physically wake her up to feed her and then she goes right back to sleep, I really hope this continues. She is now wearing newborn clothes, they are still a little big but preemie clothes are to small. She has finally decided that the boob is good and I now don't have to mess with the stupid nipple shield. She is growing like a weed, she will be 3 weeks old tomorrow I can't believe it!
M is a great father, did I say great father? I really don't know what I would do without him. He is always helping out and making sure I am okay too. I need to start telling him thank you, because I am beginning to take all his help for granted and in May he has to go back to work and I will have to get up with her at night because he works hard and I wouldn't want him to be tired all day and driving. I think I need to come up with ideas to thank him, because just a plain thank you isn't good enough in my opinion.
Everything is going pretty good for me, I have found out that at 3 in the morning I am a pretty grumpy person and I pity M for having to deal with me. I have been able to get a shower everyday this week and clean the house, quite an accomplishment in my opinion. So here I sit squeaky clean in my clean living room, I know in about 6 months that my house will never be clean again. I am slowly coming to terms with that. My incision where they took MS out hurts again because of my stupid (STUPID STUPID) cat Trouble. I was sitting on the couch loving him and he decides to jump in the air and of course land on my incision... I am beginning to not like my cat at the moment!
Me and M are going to go out on Friday, I am nervous about leaving my baby with his parents. Not that I don't think his parents can take care of her I know they can and will but thats my baby and what if she cries the whole time I would feel horrible for leaving her... I guess once Friday comes we will see how I feel about this and if I can actually go through with leaving her for 2 hours while we go out to eat.
Infomercial really stink at 3 o'clock in the morning, why can't they have better things on? The should have a channel just for parents that are up that stinking early/late. GIVE US SOMETHING INTERESTING TO WATCH!!!!!


julie said...

I told you things would get Anyways, I used to send notes with Josh in his lunch and he seemed to really appreciate that or if I went somewhere I would pick him up a card just for the hell of it. He seemed to think it was sweet so maybe if you want to show M he's appreciated that would be an idea. And on leaving MS with M's parents, I really think you should. You will appreciate the break. My mom used to leave me with my grandma and I would cry the whole time, but I was with my grandma and she understood my parents needed the break so she didn't mind taking me for a couple of hours. And since it's only going to be about 2 hours I am pretty sure Ms won't cry the whole time. Just go out and have a good time, if it doesn't work out just wait until Ms is a little older and then try going out again and see how she does.
Call me when you get a chance.

cry it out! said...

Sleeping through the night, showers every day AND you get to go out Friday? I am insanely jealous.
I'm so happy all is well, and I hope it continues to be!

Rachel said...

Just caught myself up on your story. Your little girl looks so sweet and I'm very thankful everything turned out ok in the end. Must have been quite the experience you had to go through!

Here's to happy days ahead with your family.

Britty said...

Thanks for the comment...the rash has gotten so bad now. It is all over his back, stomach, legs, arms, face , neck and head. I just feel so bad cause there is nothing I can do for him but give him benadryl..which is sorta helping but not really. It is all bumpy and hot...I just feel helpless and drained. So I am gonna lay down. Talk to you later. Glad everything is going well with MS.

Shawnee said...

Thanks for the ideas!

Cry It Out-
I am more jealous of you... Atleast you get some sleep! Bonus is you have a cute little girl too!


Hope your little guy starts getting better. Darn amoxicillian!