Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Can't Sleep Baby Will Eat Me

Sleep? What is sleep? I think I have forgotten what sleep is all about. I know I lay in bed and close my eyes but that is as close to sleep as I have gotten in a while. MS is doing great she is becoming a lot more alert and loves looking at the fan, lights, and eyes... She has been smiling but I am sure its just gas! Went to the doctor yesterday and she weights 4 lbs. 10 oz so she is up 5 oz. in 5 days woohoo!

My birthday was on the 1st and I got a new digital camera (thanks mom &dad #2), so look for lots of MS pics and weird random pictures that I decide are worth taking...

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Julie said...

Hey Shawnda,
thats great that things are going well with MS. Losing sleep is the number one thing I am not looking forward to, but it's all worth it right? MS sure is a cutie. I know you're busy and soon I will be too, but we need to keep in touch. Send more pics when ya can. Luv ya!