Saturday, March 31, 2007

Already a week old

MS celebrated her 1 week old birthday on Thursday... She got a fantastic present too! She got to come home from the hospital woohoo! I thought I would be up all night, get no sleep, and have her screaming all hours of the night but I thought wrong. The past two nights have been very mellow, she is eating great and keeping her temperature YAY!

Went to the doctor on Friday and she has gained 2 more ounces in a day bringing her up to 4 lbs. 5 oz. he said to keep up what we were doing and she would be big in no time. She is now in the 7th percentile for weight she was in 3rd so thats always good news.

Her umbilical cord fell off at the doctors office when the doctor was examining her. Not sure if she has an innie or an outie, its kinda in between... I will report more on that later!

M has become quite the daddy, he gets up with me for MS feedings and loves to take care of all her needs and of course hold her hold her hold her. Right now they are cuddled up in bed sleeping, its really cute!


Julie said...

I am glad things are going so well for you. Send me soem pics when you get a chance.

Britty said...

I'm so glad she got to finally come home! That is great! Tim used to get up with Timmy and me also when I had to feed him, but he just started sleeping through the night. Thank goodness. Lol. Well I am really happy for you guys and I hope I get to talk to you soon.
Love ya

Drew said...

Oh Shawnee, she is sooooo gorgeous. Love the rainbow cap she's wearing. Soooo cute!

I am glad to hear MS is packing in some weight. My Poopee also had a bit of weight loss in the first few days, but since picked up a little bit. The problem is she REFUSED to be breastfed. She is so stubborn. I am now desperately trying to express for her in between her formula feeds. It is driving me complete nuts.

Congrats for finally able to bring her home. I am still trying to get settled with my routine. Its quite tough isn't it?? :)

Britty said...

Happy Birthday!
(I was so excited to hear MS got to come home that I forgot to put it in my last comment.) Hope you are having a great day!

cry it out! said...

Yeah home! You guys are all looking good, and I hope that continues!

sherie said...

Psst....hey rumor has it you got a kick ass digital camera for your where are the pictures at? LOL

T2's Mommy said...

Hey I just wanted to let you know I am starting to post in my blog again. :) Love ya hope everyone is doing good. (it's me Britt by the way haha.)