Sunday, February 18, 2007


I just looked at my picture... Not just a glance that I did earlier... I have realized my butt is almost as big as my stomach! How could I have let this happen? I know it was inevitable but I don't care! I felt that was one thing that I could control, the weight gain and stretch marks, but I guess thats all going down the drain because my butt is HUGE, my stomach is HUGE, and I have a good ten stretch marks. Ahhhh to be nieve again about being able to control something! Oh well that just means I will have to exercise more and get those endorphins flowing after Miss Uterine Hitchhiker is born. I have also been reading a lot of parenting blogs lately, having come from a rather HUGE family I thought I knew everything there was to know. Boy was I wrong, now I sit here and think will I be able to handle all this? Its going to be crazy, I think I will hide in my little hole and pretend to not have read any of those blogs and pretend I know everything again, haha I wish!


oncRN said...

Thanks for your wonderful comment on my blog. I have been where you are...bedrest, pretrem labor, counting up centimeters and counting down weeks. And I have a healthy 5 year old to show for it :) It takes a lot of patience and strength, and a little dose of good luck...i send you all of those things.

Shawnee said...

I need the patience, I am going crazy!

Drew said...

I asked my husband if I look big.

He then lovingly pointed out to me that all my pregnancy related weight has gone straight to the butt. He said, oh babe, you look skinny everywhere except for the butt and stomach. So don't worry.


Julie said...

Josh likes to poke my belly for some reason and then he asks me if I'm going to get bigger. When I eat any kind of junk food he reminds me that if I eat too much junk, I will end up being unweighable and I might look like one of my other friends who ended up huge after her pregnancy. I think you know who I am talking about.

Shawnee said...

I must be a man things... liking to poke your belly.

moi said...

I, for the first time, have a butt. a bubblebutt. I noticed it the other day, and felt like saying a welcoming 'why, hello to you too'.