Monday, February 26, 2007

Breastfeeding In Public
Recently I read an article about a lady on Delta Airlines that got kicked off the plane before take of because she refused to use a blanket to cover herself while breastfeeding. She says she was discreet about it (had window seat, husband on other side of her blocking view of others). I find absolutely absurd! For one there is no law saying you can't breastfeed in public! What are you supposed to tell your baby? Oh sorry honey I can't feed you because of stupid a$$holes that feel uncomfortable around a BOOB! Even though when you are not attached to my boob, everyone feels that they can stare at them since they are humongous from feeding you... So sorry darling you will have to starve till we get home. This lady is suing the airlines which I totally agree with! This is absolutely absurd and the stewardess who kicked her off the plane I hope is FIRED! This story got me so mad and now I will make it a point to breastfeed in every public place I can just to make those other people feel uncomfortable mwhahaha! On the bright side maybe I will get asked to leave somewhere and can sue them and make some money haha I doubt it. Sorry just had to put my two cents in on this story.


Julie said...

I think that is ridiculous also. It is law that women can breastfeed wherever they want. Doesn't matter if it is on an airplane or a prison, it just doesn't matter. So if she is suing them she will win her case. I have also decided that I will breastfeed my baby whenever and wherever I please.


Shawnee said...

Yeah she is suing them from what the news story said.