Friday, February 09, 2007

Hospital Update 2

Went back on Thursday afternoon, started having contractions again. They sent me back over to the hospital where they gave me some injections to stop the contractions. They stopped so they sent me home. I am considered in pre-term labor now and 1 cm dilated... Still wondering if I should have pushed the issue and not let them send me home because I just didn't feel right. I have gained 11 lbs. since Tuesday because of all the Saline they have given me. I am beginning to wonder if I am getting the right care, do most hospitals send some one home after they are dilated and only 30 weeks pregnant? My contractions have started again, I am going to wait about 20 more minutes and call the doctor again maybe this time something different will be done because quite personally I am scared to death of having her at home or something because the hospital is full of idiots.

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