Monday, February 26, 2007

Hospital Visit #4?

Started having contractions again late last night, nothing really to be concerned about because my Happy Midwife (the one I like) told me not to be concerned unless I had more then six in hour. So long about 1pm today they started being more then six and becoming really painful. Another thing I was worried about was MS hadn't moved for 5 1/2 hours (your supposed to be concerned after 6 hours) so I called the OB and she said to come in immediately. They hooked me up to NST machine and her heart rate just stayed between 128-132 and I was having a lot of contractions. They were worried about MS because her heart rate should fluctuate. They sent me to the hospital to get a terbutaline shot and for additional monitoring of her heart rate. I got there and they checked me in, they didn't have any beds available in the antepartum unit so I was in the labor room, which I might add is a lot different then the antepartum unit, there are so many lights in there you feel like you are on display for the whole world to see anyway. Long story short they gave me two shots (were supposed to give three) they didn't give me the third one because my heart rate was too high it was 141 (higher then the babys!) but it did what it needed to do and stopped my contractions. I have now been sent home after they made sure my heart rate went down and my blood pressure was okay. I am on strict bed rest which I was on before yippee skippy! So now my goal is to keep her in till Friday at my next OB appt. with Happy Midwife.


Julie said...

Thats got to be pretty scary. I hate going to the hospital for anything. So do you ever see your actual doctor, or is that who you're refering to as your midwife? Cuz I thought that a midwife was someone you had when you were going to be delivering at home.

Shawnee said...

I see the doctor that make sure my midwife is doing her job correctly. There are two of them and I have seen them a couple times so I know who they are. Dr. TOO FREAKING SKINNY and Dr. I have been in many magazines and i am arrogant... No Midwife's just aren't for home births... come on how many years have you known me? You think my crazy butt would actually have a birth at home? HELLLLL NO! Most midwife's now (besides the shows on TLC) practice in a hospital

Julie said...

I knew that you were not having a home birth, I just thought you were confused or something. lol But I understand what you are saying.