Thursday, February 08, 2007


We had quite the scare on Tuesday, I started having contracations so the doctor wanted me to come in right away. After an exam, sonogram, and a NST they decided to send me to the hospital next door. After I got there they ran more sonograms (right now she is 2 lbs 12 oz.), her lungs look pretty good and she is actually bigger then what they thought which make me VERY happy to hear. They shoot me full of steroids to try to get her lungs to mature faster and gave me some other shot to stop my contractions. They were pretty close to doing a c-section on Tuesday night but decided to see what happened on Wed. well Wed. right before they were about to release me with very strict bedrest orders, it started happening again, so we got to go through all the shots, blood draws, etc. again. She stabilized and is looking good. Now its just a time of waiting. We are hoping to make it these next ten weeks after all I am the best baby cooker there is compared to anything a hospital would have. But at least the full round of steroids have been administered so her lungs have developed more rapidly in case they still need to do a c-section. I am now on bedrest with "bathroom" privileges, how fun is that? Oh well its what is best for her and I am willing to lay my butt in bed for 70 days if that is what it takes. I have to go see the doctor twice a week now until she decides she wants out or they decide its no longer safe to keep her in me. My new goal is to keep her in till Valentine's Day then at 31 weeks things will be a little bit better then at 30 weeks. I will keep you posted, and I have more sonogram pictures for you guys, just got to scan them when I am feeling more like myself. Here is to taking one week at a time and hopefully she isn't here at Valentine's Day.

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