Friday, February 23, 2007

32 Weeks/Dr. Appointments

Well I was complaining that they should reverse things in the doctor office so I would be less bored. Is someone in cyberland from the office reading this haha? Because they did just that today! I was hooked up to the NST machine for the 30 minutes then the nurse came in and said we are going to keep it on longer and we are going to get you to turn on your left side to try to get some activity out of her... Which scared me a little, I thought eveything was okay since her heart rate was in the 130's (supposed to be in between 110-160 range). So when they said this I was flipping, I was getting asked if she was moving okay, which yeah she has been a little less active but in my mind nothing to worry about. Finally her heart-rate accelerated (i think thats the term they used) to 158-159 and stayed there for about 2 minutes and they were very happy with this. Now my mind is some what eased but I am going to do some research to see if it hadn't what that would mean. Lets see what else, oh yeah I have another bladder infection yippee skippe (thanks third kidney!) so I am now on antibiotics for that... I always have bladder infections so nothing new with that but they said it can cause me to have more contractions and they want to prevent that. I got some stuff to try for my heartburn (this isn't just any heartburn people, this feels like your insides are crashing in on you, can't breath, start sweating etc. and i am fairly good at tolerating pain and this just sucks!) So, hopefully this stuff will work! I have hit a "milestone" in my midwife's opinion. If the baby came out today she would most likely be perfectly fine (which is somewhat a relief, but I would like her to stay in full term). Yesterday I went out and bought her, her coming home outfit... Its adorable in my opinion :) Its a very very frilly lacy pink & white dress and I got her lacy socks & shoes with a little headband that has a bow. I used to always say if I had a girl I would never dress her up... Well this is a start of that going out the window haha!

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