Friday, February 16, 2007

Dr. Appt/31 weeks

Doctor appointment went good. I had the midwife I like :) YAY! Sorry that makes me happy. I have been asked about twenty times now if I do drugs! It finally got me and I said well do a drug test then, she stated they already had and it came back negative, well then why the hell do you keep asking me? Her response: because most pre-term labor in women your age are caused my drugs, oh gee thanks now just because miss. uterine hitchhiker doesn't want to stay in I get accused of doing drugs, thanks women for giving people that don't do drugs a bad name! (sorry having a bitch fit over hit about people thinking I am a druggy!) Anyways, babies heart rate is great staying 130-150 woohoo, no decelereation in the 10 minutes I was on the NST (YAY). Its really weird seeing my chart though, I know have a bright orange sticker stating High-Risk and a bright yellow sticker stating I am in pre-term labor... Woohoo I get pretty stickers now! My next appointment is on Tuesday, so we gotta keep little miss hitchhiker in there atleast another 4 days, woo I hope I make this goal!

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