Wednesday, February 21, 2007

32 Weeks

It has hit me that I don't have much more time with this little monster in my belly... I think I will miss being pregnant to some extent. People are always smiling at you, opening doors, offering their seats, commenting how pretty I look, and overall just being nicer. Things I won't miss about being pregnant, people TOTAL strangers thinking they can touch your belly. Just because my stomach sticks out does not give people the right to touch my stomach! I think the next person who does that I will say why are you touching my fat? Hmm... that might make them feel bad mwhahah! I had a guy at the gas station come running (yes literally running) over and touch my stomach before I could turn away and he said "love for the baby" OH MY GOD PEOPLE! In his defense he looked like a total druggie, so maybe he was hopped up on drugs and has no idea how to behave in a social setting... People are just weird. I feel awkward when people I don't know ask me when I am due. I know this is weird but there is a lot of news stories where women will ask others when they are due and stalk them and cut their baby out. Yes I know the likelihood of this happening is slim but I still scares the crap out of me. So when people ask when I am due I tell them May and leave it at that even though we all know I am not due in May but thats besides the point, gives me a month to fend of my stalker! Lets see what else, I am already tired of going to the doctor twice a week, but I know its so little miss in there can stay healthy but its down right boring, maybe they should mix up the routine... Instead of weighing, peeing in a cup, seeing the midwife or doctor, getting an internal exam, and hooking up to the NST machine they should do it in reverse occasionally? Yes, I know I am a weirdo!


Drew said...

Yeah I know what you mean... for some reason being pregnant makes me feel like I am the ONLY person in my city to be pregnant. Everybody has time for me - complete strangers wanting to talk to me, or ask me about my pregnancy, commenting on how big I look etc. I do enjoy people opening doors for me, and making way for my bellyform. It's nice most times!

The worse thing I can think of is my inability to nagvigate myself through a restaurant - espeically those cramped ones where everybody sit real tight against each other.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the pregnancy! Ya just gonna have to fend off those belly-invaders!!!! LOL!

Shawnee said...

Yeah those restaurants are pretty bad trying to get in between tables without belly bumping other people lol