Friday, October 28, 2011

Court Update

I first wake up to my partner messing with my foot asking me what time I am supposed to get up. I was a little frustrated as the alarm clock was set so WHY would he wake me up and ask me? Apparently, the alarm clock never went off (on further inspection I had set it to the radio alarm, not the beep beep alarm and if it gets set to radio it doesn't go off for some reason). So, I was already behind in getting ready and only had ten minutes to get ready. Good thing I laid out my clothes the night before, so I went sans makeup and hair cute.

I get there right at 8:30 and check in through the DA's office. Then wait and wait and wait. A hour later in a hard chair my ass is numb and my back killing me with a kid in my ribs in walks the prosecutor. She looks at me and says "ahhh you must be S the woman of the hour" I couldn't help it but I looked at her and said if I am the woman of the hour you must have a really shitty case because I never actually witnessed anything and probably couldn't even identify him in a lineup... Worry set on her face (This made my day for the simple fact I was already pissed to be there since technically I didn't know anything except that he drove my car).

She goes over the questions and asks what happens and realizes out of all four of us, we truly don't know anything. Two witnesses were the owners of the house then me who can only say he had my car for a couple hours with my brother and the other one who say three boys in a car that resembled mine - that's it. Not much to go off on a case really. Had the police done their job right the first time this wouldn't be an issue as the boys never would have even gotten the stuff from the driveway of the owners because the witness called the police on this suspicious vehicle stating that there was three boys putting items into a car from a house that the people were on vacation, who he could not identify.

Anyways, she says she is going to get a judge assigned and we just have to wait in the DA's office until we are called. At 11am some lady comes in and says that the boy is taking a plea bargin of aiding in a felony; meaning he helped take the items from the house knowing that it was not the boys property. Probation for a year for him.

Three hours of my time wasted oh and if anyone is curious I didn't recognize him sitting in the court room because it has been TWO years. 

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