Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tough Decisions

I have been seeing the same OB since I was pregnant with SM (three years ago), this pregnancy of course I went to her again as she took pretty good care of me last time. In the span of three years she has changed a lot. I am not going to doctor bash because I understand she is probably just really busy as the lobby seems to be filled to the seams when I go in and she rushes in and out of the room (I literally spend two minutes with the nurse for vitals, any complaints and see the doctor for four minutes) none of my complaints get addressed and she won't let me get a word in edge wise.

Here has been the typical visits so far (background my 1st pregnancy I had IUGR and have had 2 c-sections)
Nurse comes in does weight and vitals - asks for allergies, medications, complaints (which besides one visit there have been no complaints, just normal pregnancy aches that I don't need to address)
Doctor comes in: Asks how are you - I say good. She checked my cervix on the first visit at 8 weeks and nothing since. She checked heart rate once and I have never had my uterus measured (the only reason a different doctor caught my IUGR as I wasn't growing) I have only put on 5 lbs and I am 29 weeks and I feel like there should be more care. I am not saying that I want her to oogle over me but I would at least like her to measure me to make sure I am growing. I don't want numerous sonograms (even though they are cool). I don't feel like I am asking for much, am I? Especially since I know how she was in my last pregnancy with SM she did all of these things.

So, I made the decision to switch OB practices. She comes highly recommended by a few of my friends so at 29 weeks I am going to a different OB. Hopefully she will not be as busy and have some time for patient care. Also, maybe when I ask for a VBAC she won't just say "too dangerous" and walk out of the room without even discussing the "dangers" of it compared to another c-section.

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