Monday, October 17, 2011

Long Time

It sure has been a long time since blogging, eight whole months have went by.

 I was looking through my blog and realized at that time I was trying to lose weight. I did in fact lose about fifteen pounds but now I am pregnant. No losing weight from me now. The baby is a boy and will be born in January. This will be my last little bambino, going to get my tubes tied. Three kids is enough for this momma and to the parents that have more, more power to you but my nerves just can't handle it!

Things have been stressful around here but nothing the Lord and I can't handle. He will give me strength to get through my struggles.

MS is doing great, I can't believe she is four now! Where does the time go? She loves pre-school and we have her first parent-teacher conference tonight. She is getting more and more of an attitude as the days go by! She has a loose tooth (I didn't even realize she was getting to that age already ACK!).

SM is doing good to. He is a growing boy that if I let him survive on junk food he would be perfectly happy with the world. He knows his ABC's and can count... Now if only he would understand his colors haha. He loves to draw and does a pretty good job of it actually. 

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