Thursday, October 27, 2011

New OB

Yesterday I had the pleasure of switching OB's. The experience so far has been good with Dr. K. Now too bad my old OB hasn't sent over my records yet even though I signed the paperwork to have them released six days ago (four business days), which is frustrating.

Dr. K answered all my questions and baby is looking good with a healthy heartbeat and my uterus is the size it is supposed to be. VBAC is a no go since I have had two c-sections. I am getting my tubes tied after discussing options with her. I feel confident that this doctor and this clinic are a good fit for this pregnancy.

Also, what I thought was kind of cool they have sewn tube tops that go down to your butt to slip on instead of gowns and real cloth drapes for your legs - never seen anything like that before - paper gowns & drapes be gone.

10 more weeks and baby will be here :)

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