Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Crying in the Corner

If you see a pregnant blonde crying in a corner, it's probably me. This week has been so rough with the kids I literally sat down and cried tonight only to have a smile brought to my face by my two year old tiptoeing out of his room with sunglasses on and a goofy smile.

This week they have effectively pushed every button that exists in me. I just want to scream, cry, kick, and hide in bed. I literally thought about leaving my kids with someone for a couple hours and just escaping to my moms for a while because mommy needs a timeout. It sucks that I don't have much help...

The events that transpired causing me to have a breakdown today: MS went to school so that is usually nap time around here. Read SM a story eyes closing, cup in hand I walk away and go lay down. I wake up a hour later to find SM with a tub of butter and aloe vera gel mixed together all over the couch. Then MS gets home and the fighting ensues immediately: the full monty of kicking, hitting, biting, and fighting over anything that could possibly be fought over. While cleaning the bathroom MS snuck off with the comet - do you know what a child can do with comet and approximately two minutes? LOTS. SM's carpet is covered in it, the living room floor, and couch again with the damn couch. At this point they are in big trouble for playing with cleaner and THEY KNOW BETTER! It is like I can't turn my back for more than a second or all hell breaks loose on the house. Again, I wish I had more help. The inner voice in me is just screaming I can't take this anymore so all I could do is huddle beside the couch and cry and cry I did. This whole week has been incidents like this (while brushing her teeth last night she turns on the sink and puts a whole roll of toilet paper in the sink flooding the bathroom) and CONSTANT fighting I am at my wits in and just need a break even if it is just 15 minutes where the kids aren't getting into something that makes a mess or could potentially kill them.

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