Sunday, March 04, 2007

Relocation to the Woods... Life Would Be Grand

A couple days ago I was reading a post by Mr. Crank. Here is the five people I would add to that lovely relocation list.

1. Richard Simmons: How can you be so darn chipper while hopping around and sweating like no other? Your hair must go through a bottle of hairspray a day. So if you went to the forest maybe you could become more man like and actually have some hair on your legs for once!

2. Britney Spears: Quit doing stupid things to try to get yourself noticed. I realize you want attention but this is not the way to do it. People do not just shave their heads, drink at all hours while caring for two children, and please next time when going out wear some damn underwear it won't kill you. Please hand me my tranquilizer gun.

3. Ashton Kutcher: Your a menace to society. You remind me of a little kid trying to get attention anyway they can as a desperate attempt to be liked. Get over it and put some big boy underwear on!

4. Lindsay Lohan: I used to like you, when you weren't such a alcoholic/druggy. You deserve a reward for going to rehab so many times... If only they wouldn't let you leave

5. Tom Cruise: Its your right as an American to discuss religion, but please don't push it upon people that could careless how you live your life. Don't act like such a baby and start jumping on chairs.


Drew said...

Last night I saw on TV the old video of Britney's hit `Baby one more time'. She looked so young and vibrant back then. I admire her choice to choose motherhood over fame and fortune (and that stupid skinny disease all the actresses and singers have these days) - but I think she has taken things too far and ruined it for herself (those crotch flashing photos are really offputting - especially when it comes with full view of her casearean scar)!

I hope she gets her shit together real soon for the sake of her two children! Poor kids!

Shawnee said...

I hope she gets it together too. I have seen some many families and great people ruined by the affects of alcohol & drugs. Nobody can help them though because they will only change when they want help.

Julie said...

Being famous can pose a problem raising kids too, alot of actors and actresses have alot of problems related to being famous. I guess it's a stressful life.