Friday, March 02, 2007

Angry Patient

33 weeks 2 days

Well I went to the doctor today. I was accompanied by M and his mom. I love his mom she is fantastic. Anyways, they did my NST first MS's heart beat was in the 120's now with the appropriate amount of accelerations (rise of the heart beat more then 20 beats for 15 or more seconds). My blood pressure is now back to normal. Cranky Nurse said "wow that's the first time since Jan. that its been a normal number. (Maybe thats because I am not taken my medications mwhahaha I know I am such a rebel HAHA). They hooked me up to the lovely fetal monitors and I layed there for my great 20 minutes. Bad Midwife came in (yes her name has now changed). I am measuring 33 cm. so I am right on goal she commented I had a small belly. ARE YOU KIDDING ME HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MONSTROUS THING ARE YOU NOT PAYING ATTENTION??? She is due in August and I hope she gains 100 pounds now for saying that! She agrees with not taking the shot anymore but said I should keep taking the procardia. I as nicely as possible told her that I would prefer not to and look at my chart my blood pressure is finally normal since starting that crap. Her reply "well you should still take it" well she can kiss my lily white butt (yes its eye blinding white!). I told her I was really worried and upset that she didn't take my phone calls, she said she was busy. Yeah whatever lady its your job to take care of the patient and I AM THE PATIENT! I told her well she could have at least had the nurse call me, she took the point so maybe I won't have the problem again... She agrees that my "cold" is probably due to allergies and told me I could take over the counter Claritin for it, something I already knew but at least she is trying to be a care provider. I might feel differently if I need to call her and she doesn't return my calls again. Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me. If there is a next time I will not be a very happy camper. Bad Midwife also said that after I hit 36 weeks that I will be able to go off all medications and come off bed rest, WOOHOO! I am still continuing the bed rest and I think that is probably a wise decision.

M thinks that I should still take the procardia even though he has seen the effects it has on me. He said he just wants MS to be okay which I understand but it also pissed me off because WHAT ABOUT ME? I know there are now two individuals to think about but it just rubbed me the wrong way. He also states that well those side effects are probably for "long term use" well in a pregnancy what is considered long term... 9 mo, 6 mo. or the 3 months that I should be taking them. Oh well its not like he checks my medication to make sure I took them so he will never know until I tell him after MS is born.

In response to Moi yes I have considered switching providers but in my clinic everyone shares patients, there is two doctors and three midwifes and it just depends on the day who I see. So I would have to totally change clinics and then wouldn't be able to deliver at the hospital that I would like to deliver. Also because of the complications I have had I don't just want to change and have a new doctor not really know my history or else I would have changed in a heart beat. I just keep telling myself 7 1/2 more weeks till my due date and I won't have to mess with them anymore, I suppose I can handle that.


moi said...

that makes sense about not switching. what a difference your experience can be depending on which midwife you get. I sincerely hope you have a good one when you deliver!

Midlife Midwife said...

Hey, just lurking to find out who managed to find my blog. I don't blame you for being upset at your providers. It sounds like you need someone to sit down and talk to you.

But don't give up, 33 weeks really is too little for baby. Believe me, I've seen way too many 33 weekers. And I can tell you from my own experience, once that baby is in the NICU you would give anything to put her back inside you so she wouldn't have to struggle or get poked, or hurt. Shoot for that 37 week mark!!
You are the kind of mom I loved to have when I worked in high risk OB..curious and informed. You are correct, most of what we do in OB is unproven and we often use meds off-lable for lots of things in medicine (it is almost impossible to get any med approved for pregnancy). But I've seen terb/magnesium/procardia etc. work wonders.

I've seen more love, courage and devotion in those preterm labor moms as they do whatever it takes to keep their babies inside. Keep up the good work and DON'T GIVE UP!