Thursday, March 01, 2007

Move Over The Rest of the Blog HAS ARRIVED!

I have now moved parts of my blog over here. If you want to see them they would be in any other label that isn't called Pregnancy with MS because chances are thats why you came here originally in the first place since this was started for that purpose only. I don't know what I was thinking trying to maintain two blogs, its not that easy trying to come up with things to post that are relevant to each blog! So if you want to take a look at all the pictures have fun!


Drew said...

Hey Shawnee, well done on the blog move, and I hope that midwife calls you back real soon!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning S and MS!! I just wanted to see if things between you and M are settled and the two of you came to a compromise. The more I think about the shot and pill that you are taking, the more I want to go POSTAL on health care providers. God made these people smart enough to take care of many people in the population all over the world. I believe doctors back in the day had a love for their work and rejoiced when the old way of doing things healed someone completely. This day and age, more than likely, people only entered the medicine field as a way to make big bucks and the "Who really cares about this patient, it's just another guinea pig". No pun intended, either S. If you can't trust your OB/GYN to take care of you and MS, then WTF? The only thing you can trust is M and your intutions. Well, of course your family, they would not likely give you advice that would harm you. Sometimes we are not always right, but sometimes, advice is very knowlegeable (dont think that is spelled right LOL).
So S, lean on M and do the best that you can with the Midwife/Doctors, you are almost there. Follow your intuition and safely bring MS into this crazy, messed up world. Oh, look at it this way, The family has always been a little nutty, so one more wont hurt at all. LOL!! If there was such a thing as protection from the crazy people, then I am all for it. LOL!! Nah, we wont spoil her to much, but then again, what are babies for? And please S dont say, "To re-populate the earth!"
:] A

Shawnee said...

Drew- Thank You moving the blog sure did take a while! Midwife still hasn't called back but I go see her today and boy is she going to have a very unhappy patient!

Aimee-I plan on just continue the pills. M and I came to an agreement after he did a lot of research, I guess its easier for him to read it for himself then for me to try to explain it. I will call you once I get out of the doctor to let you know how things went!