Thursday, March 01, 2007

Rant Alert

First I would like to thank my readers (I HAVE THREE! WOOHOO) for their input and encouraging words.

Regarding my post yesterday, M and I are at odds because of it. He doesn't seem to understand why I feel this way and I have tried my best to convey the message but now I am at my wits end and about to pull my hair out. He seems to think I have to take this shot everyday for it to do harm to me and I don't feel that way. I have already had that shot five times now and still take the pills (Procardia). So, now there is a war in the Mismatch Household over whether to take anymore of the stupid shots. I have drawn the line though I pretty much have my mind made up that no I am not going to take anymore of that shot but I will however continue to take the procardia. I am going to talk to my midwife's boss about it Dr. Iamsofreakingskinny about it since nobody over there can seem to listen to their voicemails. I know they probably think I am just some crazy lunatic that reads too much. They always tells me don't read, don't believe anything you read. Well where I get my sources I happen to believe, its all scientific evidence and not just something someone decided to write... Therefore I am going to ask questions because if someone won't make sure I am taken care of and question the doctors then I have to do it!

In one way I regret getting close to my Happy Midwife because now I am a little pissed off about the whole situation. Why didn't she tell me any of these things about the medicine? Did she feel it was safe? I don't know the answers to these questions because SHE WON'T CALL ME BACK. Its getting to the point where I am getting so mad if I wasn't already 33 weeks along I would switch clinics and go somewhere else.

In other news my tail bone really really really hurts! I swear MS has taken it in her hands and broken it to pieces haha. I know I shouldn't complain because it could be much much worse.

Also today I am going to be switching my HUGE blog over here so look for new posts for a while!


Anonymous said...

After reading your blog from yesterday, I can understand why you would not want to take the shots anymore. I had no idea the effects that shot could cause. I see both sides of the situation. I can see why, and with scientific evidence, you would not want to continue with the shots. I can see M's point of view in thinking that discontinuing the shots and going into labor early would cause other complications to both you and MS. I personally think that continuance of Procardia, is a compromise. "You can stop taking the shots (you), continue the procardia (M). Is that not a more healthy solution?
And as you know, being pregnant definetely alters a womans moods and feelings the closer it gets to the BIG DAY!! Anything and everything is amplified 100%. Settle down and compromise. Take a deep breath and relax. Stress only makes things worse for you and MS.
About the midwife that does not return phone calls. Well, I say, "Go Get 'Em Tiger." You know how to handle this type of situation. Go over her head if need be.
The tailbone thing, MS is just down that low and ready to make her presence. Take a nice long hot shower and take a couple of Tylenol and lay down with a heating pad. It should work.

moi said...

I would be livid if my midwife wasn't calling me back. Is there ANY WAY you can switch / see someone else?? I think I'd lose that safteynet comfort feeling...

Julie said...

I know how you feel about your midwife not calling you back. I had to call the other day because i hadn't felt the baby kick all day long and my doctor had told me before that i should be feeling him move at least ten times a day. i called and left a message and nobody ever called me back, I even called during offic hours so I know there were people there. I ended up feeling him kick later that night, I even told them on the message why I was calling and left all the info I was supposed to leave on voicemail, but that was like 3 days ago, I haven't gotten a call. I am going to be asking my doctor about that on thursday when I have my next appointment.

Shawnee said...

Thats bullcrap! I would have been scared shitless! I would have been calling them non-stop right before they closed just to "make sure they got the message" Glad to know little baby is moving again.

Julie said...

Yes well the only reason I didn't call them back was because he started kicking again, but whe he hadn't kicked all day I was scared to death because I was told that once I started feeling him kick all the time it wasn't normal for him to just not move for a day. But like I said I will ask my doctor about it when I go on the 9th.

Julie said...

Are there days now or when you were where I am (24 weeks) that she didn't kick as much as usual? Because today I have felt him kick but not as much as I normally do. I will be asking my doctor on thursday, but since thats not till thursday and the doctors office wont return my calls I just thought I would ask.