Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Too Many Decisions in Life!

I think my brain is on total overload after all of the decisions that need to be made rather quickly. First on my agenda-school. I actually enrolled in Vatterott College today, I am not actually sure that I made the right decision and I probably should have done some research on it. Its to be a medical assistant and it will take 60 weeks and a whopping 23,000.00 I know YIKES! Later when I got home I was talking with a friend and she said she has a medical assistant certification as well and the career college she went through is not seen to highly upon by employers, which then got me thinking... I did some research and I realize some people are just grumpy and complain but the number of complaints about this school is crazy! I went to the BBB and the school has numerous complaints along with a class action lawsuit because their instructors teaching weren't even certified. I have 36 hours to decide I don't want to do it so I have to figure out my options. Go to a community college and get my LPN (2 years, $12,000.00 later) or go to the university for my full RN for 18,000.00. I also have to keep in mind baby #2 will be arriving in Dec. (gender still unknown). So do I go full force ahead and do 4 years in an university or 2 years and make about 20k less a year and be happy with that after all I will have two kids at that point who will need to be supported as well.

Secondly: State insurance is horrible and so is my caseworker. I have been trying to get on state insurance since JUNE it is now the middle of AUGUST. My worker kept telling me she didn't know what the hold up was so I took matters into my own hands and called up state insurance and they said "we haven't recieved your application" ARE YOU SERIOUS! This just tells me that my caseworker does nothing and state insurance is now expediting my case and sending out cards immediatly. Thank you state for giving me a crappy case worker who I promply called her supervisor to complain and have not gotten a call back, could this be a case of crappy state supervisor as well or there is just too many complaints about the workers she is employed to supervise??

Thirdly: M and I still can't decide on a name if it is a girl. I reallllllly want a name that he doesn't care for so he goes the battle. Maybe it will be a boy and we won't go through the battle as we have had a boy name picked up since MS was on the way.

Fourthly: Right now we are staying with my parents until we can get into something better. Its cramped but we are doing well considering. BUT any of the nice places we have found do not accept any pets. Our cats are 9 & 7 years old, spayed & declawed and they are our babies and I don't want to toss them to my parents for a place. I know some people may not be able to understand that but they were our kids before we even started having kids. Our cats are not pets-they are family and it is aggrevating being declined due to pets. Isn't there a pet friendly place for rent that is a 3 bdrm somewhere in this small town? grrr hiss, I guess those houses just weren't meant to be then.

Lastly: Everything is doing well with the pregnancy, nothing major to report. I lost 20 lbs in the beginning and I am slowly gaining that back which I am happy about-gaining weight is healthy and I will definitely accept that! Now, if only I could get my insurance cards so I can get a sonogram and find out the gender of this VERY ACTIVE little baby inside me. I swear MS left etchings in my uterus of what to do while bored, tired, and just plain wanting to annoy mommy. On the MS front she is a talking RUNNING handful. We are working on potty-training, she loves her pink potty chair and she goes "peepee" in it according to her. The funny thing is, she demands toilet paper after use and insists on flushing that in the big potty and waving bye bye to it... Very cute but that is to be expected she is a P/B child and we are very proud of her accomplishments as any parent would be. She also plays "sock monster" this happens by putting a sock on her hand and she will run after everyone in sight going ARGGGGH, very cute and I am sure she will do it in public someday and make me apologize to some poor stranger. M has also taught her to blow boogers, keep in mind his blowing snot and mine are two different things. He has taught her to hold the side of a nostrel and blow-hard... Thanks M I really appreciate it when she blows snot... all over me. She has figured out that the highchair is climable and when she is hungry tries to climb it, this is NOT okay with me and she gets in trouble everytime but she is stubborn like me and we go back and forth about 20 times before the food is actually ready for her consumption. She is doing way too many cute things now and definitely knows how to throw on the charm when she is in trouble. There are days when I have to cover my face to tell her no and divert her attention somewhere else because I am laughing to hard to really tell her no. The lovely joys of parenthood!

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