Monday, July 02, 2007

What a wild and crazy week and half. I really haven't even had time to sit down it seems like. I am always doing something or someone is needing something. I wish I could say "no" why can't I tell people now, I should have learned my lesson by now by always being the nice person and saying yeah I can do that or sure if you need that. Why can't I just be the grumpy-cranky person that nobody even asks anything of and shudder when they even think to ask me. Will I change? Probably not because I do enjoy helping others but it really is starting to impede into MY time! I will say that my new neighbors have found out pretty quickly that (a) I usually have food stocked for when THEY need something (b) I am a great babysitter (c) my husband can fix computers/phone lines/cable lines/electric wiring and more (d) we will always take you where you need to go since you don't have a vehicle (e) we will answer our phone when its 1am because you happen to think having a "crisis" is something we care to hear about.... Wow! Just reading that makes me feel somewhat bitchy and relieved... Now if I could only say that to earwax neighbor, drunk neighbor, crazy neighbor and Mr. boom boom neighbor... Today I got a note on my door from Mr. Boom Boom saying he would like to borrow the following movies-do you not have the courteous to knock on the door and ask? There wasn't even a please or thanks in advance, it was a simple demand and now I am mad about it but of course I probably won't be blunt about it because I don't want to make the neighbors mad even thought I am blunt to everyone else around me, what is it with these people that I can't be blunt or just say no? I now babysit everyday-she is a good kid though but some days I just want time to sit will my dear baby WHO IS 13 POUNDS is sleeping. Oh well I guess I can't complain too much because I am not doing anything to fix it as of right now.

I miss my froggy-friend :) I can't wait to see her on the 20Th! I miss my in-laws I haven't seen mommy-dearest in law since May and daddy-dearest in law since the end of May. So I am excited to see everyone and meet M's friends that he had in high school (it is his 10 year reunion)

M still likes his job-I like it because it finally has set hours... I guess I sorta have a job babysitting 5 days a week it isn't too bad, poor kid gets bored at my house though because I have nothing to entertain her with :(

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